CBSLife is recruiting!

CBSLife’s general assembly is coming up! We’ve grown dramatically and are looking for people who want to leverage their creativity and hone their online business skills to join our awesome leadership team! To apply, please send your CV to with a short description of the position you’re interested in. We’ll contact you for an interview from there!

Marketing Director: Are you in love with branding and strategy? At CBSLife, we use innovative, unconventional ways to make our presence known on and off campus. Your role would be to increase CBSLife’s brand awareness and readership by organizing events and conducting cool marketing campaigns. Ideally, you are well-organized, can lead a team, execute on ideas, are obsessed with social media, and have binge watched Mad Men a few times.

Finance Director: Our wolf of Solbjerg Plads! You’ll not only be in charge of managing the purse strings, but also expanding CBSLife’s revenue streams, for instance, by finding and negotiating with new sponsors for our website. Our finance director has a knack for developing business models and isn’t afraid of a challenge (this is the journalism industry), ideally, you are also skilled in excel.

Creative Director: The idea guy! The creative director is in charge of finding and developing fresh content. You probably have a sense of humor, are curious, and are maybe a little irritated about the way things are currently done at CBS. You will be in charge of a team of contributors to whom you delegate assignments. It’s also a great opportunity to network and work with the other clubs at CBS.

Editor-in-Chief: No news site can function without its editor-in-chief. You ensure the quality of the content, making sure all the i’s and t’s are dotted. Likely, you are a detail-oriented, analytical person who is well-organized and good at developing systems. You’re a people’s person who is skilled at giving constructive feedback and hopefully like to read!

Contributors: The artists and philosophers of our organization, our contributors span all program lines and backgrounds. This is for people interested in producing content from opinion pieces, to investigative articles, to funny videos. There are no rules at CBSLife for what kind of content you must produce. We prefer you bring your ideas to the table and pursue something you’re passionate about. The only requirement for being a contributor is that you produce one piece a month.

Feel free to write us a mail at or come to our info session on March 2nd at 4:45pm.
You will have the chance to meet and mingle with the current team, get your questions answered, and enjoy some goodies!