Last Call at Sunrise

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Authors note: Throughout this article, I use the phrase “dive bar”. What I mean by that is “dive bar that won’t look at students for being melodramatic and/or immature” while real dives may accept some PHD students, many dives have an unwritten code of requiring a certain level of depression, either that or an age limit of “do you have kids and a divorcee to support yet?”

As is expected of a university student, one Monday night I went out and drank until 7 am. The serenity of watching the cold blue light slowly brightening outside the pub window was great, and invigorated me to stay awake and make it home. Well, that and my friend threw out his cigarette in the trashcan of the pub, which started smoking and then we possibly broke the jukebox as we fled the bar. So whether you are sent home by exhaustion or by the sound of fire trucks, these are three of my favourite bars to patron at ridiculous hours in the morning.

The Moose – Sværtegade 5
Opening Hours: Sun & Mon, 13 – 3; Tues – Thurs, 13 – 6; Fri & Sat, 13 – 7

This is the one everyone should say when you ask “where should we go” at 5 AM. It’s the epitome of the “dive bar” and is pretty much open whenever you need it to be. The drinks aren’t terribly pricy, the graffiti on the wall adds a certain charm, and the number of STDs you can get by sitting on the couch in the back is astronomical, basically a proper dive bar.  One night, my friend and I got hit on by a rapper, who then accused us of being gay, all while he was supported by a beat-boxer who looked like Jesus….  But then again, beggars can’t be choosers. Plus no one will give you shit for drinking slowly. Everyone here knows that drinking for 10 hours isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Upsides: Quiet place that puts up with pretty much everything…. except fires in their trash cans.

Downsides: It has the potential to be a bio-hazard zone.

Other attributes: Smoking is allowed, Tuesday Thursday and Saturday has 15 kr beers.

LA (Tequila) Bar – Gammel Mønt 17
Opening Hours: Mon – Sat, 16 – 5; Sun, 20 – 5

Not everyone wants just to sit down quietly sipping a pint until 7 in the morning, so they go to LA Bar. While LA bar isn’t open super late by weekend standards (only open until 5), it is open until 5 every day of the week. That means, when you’re out partying on Sunday through Tuesday, you have a place that’s open. It’s also incredibly loud even though the dance floor is only on the second floor, meaning even though you’re hiding downstairs, you still have to shout to have a conversation. This means this is the type of place that can convince you that you’re fluent in Danish. You have a few tequila shots, then you shout broken Danish phrases at a girl and after a bit she drags you to the dance floor and you’re left trying to figure out whether your just that smooth in another language, or if she just got bored.

Upsides: Tequila shots are only 10 kr, dancing after drinking tequila shots.

Downsides: Sometimes they close early if no one else wants to drink on a Monday.

Hong Kong – Nyhavn 7
Opening Hours 24/7

If you’ve ever been a tourist in Copenhagen, a bar crawl or two and you will most certainly have heard of Hong Kong. It is probably the only bar in Copenhagen that is literally open 24/7. Hong Kong is the perfect example of what happens when you take an old dive bar (it actually served as a dive bar for the sailors in days of old) and turn it into a dive bar tourist attraction. Be wary of the gamble you may take if you go to this bar. You can have two types of nights there. One where you see drunken Swedes that managed to find hookers and blow, or one where it’s just you a bartender who is much too tired to look at you and a bunch of overpriced drinks.

Upsides: Always open. Unpredictable, deprived hedonism one night, empty the next.

Downsides: Tourist priced alcohol, that feeling of shame that you live here and actually went to Hong Kong bar.

Other Attributes: Occasionally has a small cover charge on weekends. (Most I’ve seen is only 30 kr), also underneath a strip club (which unfortunately for patrons, closes at 4, much earlier than you should be at Hong Kong)

Honourable Mentions
Now the problem with reviewing late night bars, is you can’t always remember your trip to them, and you can’t always afford to repeat the experience. So here’s the list of honourable mentions that I really would like to write about, but honestly, I can barely remember what they look like on the inside.

Minibar/Kostbar/Gothersgade in General)
Opening Hours:  Tues – Thurs, 20 – until people leave; Fri & Sat, 20 – 5; generally closed Sun & Mon

Notes: Gothersgade is like the cheap clubbing street, keep that in mind because you’ll get what you paid for.

Wall Street Pub – Gothersgade 2
Opening Hours:  Mon – Sat, Noon – 5am; Sun, closed

Notes: Many deals for different days of the week, cheap enough, but has never been the right amount of busy for my taste (either too busy or too empty)

Hope you enjoy your late night parties, and the waking up at 5 in the afternoon the next day recovering from it. With luck, you’ll experience a whole new ‘walk of shame’, the one you find as you ride the metro home with people in suits going to work because it’s a Tuesday morning, and unlike you, they’re actually going to be productive members of society today. Just don’t tell them off for not living life to the fullest, because opening your mouth when you’re that drunk will probably end up with you throwing up on their shoes.

Happy Drinking!

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