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Gals, let’s just all admit the fact that we are shopaholics at heart. Guys, don’t be shy to admit that you love shopping too. But then again, it’s hard to face the fact that we don’t have much money as students, which is why we are forever grateful to whoever invented the concept of flea markets.
Here are some tips to make the most of your next flea market trip!

1. Check out flea markets on Facebook.


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As if you needed another reason to use Facebook all the time. Constantly be on the lookout for flea markets to go to on the weekends by following pages like Studenterhuset or simply search for “loppemarked”. Indicate that that you are “going” to the event and Facebook would send you a notification on the day to remind you of the event. Thank you Facebook, we will be forever addicted to you.

2.Go early.


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It’s true that the early birds get all the worms. Arrive just when the flea market starts, so as to grab all the nice things before someone else get their hands on them. If you like something, chances are other people will too. So trust me, it’s definitely worth waking up early on the weekends.

3.Take your time.




Why the rush? Slow down there – it’s time for a treasure hunt! Look through all the stuff thoroughly to find a stunning pair of heels lying in a hidden corner or a genuine leather jacket hanging on the back of the rack. Often the real gems are discovered when you rummage through everything, so keep your eyes open!

4.Look for sellers who are similar to you.




Take a glance at the style of clothes the seller is wearing or at the products they have in front of them before deciding to invest your time in treasure hunting there. See if they have a similar taste or style as you but don’t be too quick to judge a book by its cover!



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It seems like common sense but there are some tips for smart bargaining. Think of a reason why they should sell it cheaper to you – it may be that there is a little hole you noticed in the sweater or that it doesn’t actually fit you very well.  Then try to offer the lowest price possible (around half of the price is a good deal) so that there is room for the seller to bring the price up a little and both of you are happy. Even if you feel that it is a good deal already, keep a straight face and pretend that you are not that interested.  Be prepared to “walk away”– maybe they might be willing to bring the price down again!

6.Bring a bag.




Who are you kidding when you tell yourself that you’re only going to take a look and not buy anything?  We all know that we end up buying WAY too much stuff that we didn’t even plan on, so bring a bag just in case you don’t have any hands to carry all of your goodies back home.

7.Be decisive.




If it’s love at first sight, don’t have any regrets when you find yourself thinking of that designer bag you should have bought and go back to find out that it’s already been sold. So make up your mind when you see something you really want – or else be prepared to say goodbye to it forever! Remember to hold on to it while you are thinking so that no one snatches it away right under your nose!

8. Stay until the very end.


If you can’t make it to the very beginning, then at least try to stay until the flea market is almost over, as sellers may not want to carry all the stuff back home and will be more willing to offer lower prices. Talk about saving big!




Well, I hope you are just as excited as I am about the next flea market this weekend! One last tip – don’t be afraid of not having enough cash since many sellers accept mobile pay as well! Happy shopping and try not to go broke!

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