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If you’ve been speaking to any of the students studying International Business, you’ll know that currently around 15 of them have decided to hide away from the rest for the past two months to work on a secret project known as “MarketingLab”. While little is known about MarketingLab, one can deduce that it is both about Marketing and may have something to do with the other major Lab on campus: FinanceLab.

Frederik Ploug Søgaard, known for his work in FinanceLab, started with the idea to connect business students with the real marketing world. That idea has now evolved into what MarketingLab is today, with roughly 20 organizers planning events, talking to companies, and generally trying to build a connection between marketing firms and you! It is not, however, exclusively a CBS organization, but MarketingLab will also soon act as an umbrella organization for all marketing-oriented educations in the Copenhagen area (RUC, KU, CBS, Mediehøjskolen, etc.), meaning you won’t just be working with business students, but you’ll be working with and learning from Mediaology, Marketing, Graphic Design and all sorts of other students with an interest in Marketing too.

Thus, MarketingLab is an organization formed by students with the purpose of building a bridge between the industry and the academic world. It is your opportunity to learn the marketing tools that will enable you to succeed in getting a project done. We will offer talks given by leading industry professionals regarding how they overcame major marketing hurdles. We will have both case competitions run by major companies as well as problems put forth by small and medium sized companies looking for help with their everyday marketing challenges. Finally, we have hands-on diploma courses that will be offered in various creative marketing disciplines, taught by professional corporate partners such as leading advertising agencies. Through all this we aim to prepare students for the real (marketing) world, as well as facilitating a community for academics with an interest within marketing. It will form the basis for networking across the fields of study and universities, as well as between students and industry where companies will have the opportunity to recruit the best and most committed students in Denmark, which could very well be you!

If you think you have what it takes, sign up now at

Becoming a member will mean getting access to speeches given by leading actors in the marketing scene, courses taught by experienced professionals sharing their knowledge and hands on practice on real world problems through our case competitions or as a part of one of our “Solvers Teams”. You will also become a part of socializing and networking with art directors, brand managers, innovators, sales experts, marketing analytics, professors and many more, and thereby expand your creative network significantly.

If you want to learn more, we have our launching event with Carlsberg talking about Somersby’s market creation April 13th.

More details can be found on the Facebook page.

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