Nexus – so much more than a Thursday bar

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What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word Nexus? Easy – our awesome bar at CBS where you go and enjoy one, two or maybe 10 beers on Thursday nights in the company of your friends and popular Danish DJs. Nik & Jay’s record label that goes by the same name might also come to mind, but that’s irrelevant in this case. Sadly, many people don’t really know what else Nexus has to offer apart from being a place to party on Thursdays, and neither did I until a few weeks ago…

Tuesday 23rd October, MarketingLab hosted a case competition with Nexus as its focus. The case outlined several problems Nexus was having – communication issues and branding issues. Many students showed up with the hopes of helping Nexus revitalize and re-brand itself, due to the incentive of making Nexus a better place, listening to Uncle Grey present about their advertising company’s successes with Coca Cola Zero and Only promotions…and, let’s be honest, winning lots of free beer. Although the group I was in did not win (no hard feelings though!), one of our ideas was to spread awareness through social media about what Nexus is when it’s not busy being a fabulous bar, and what better way to get a message across than through CBSLife? Ladies and gentlemen, I present you, drum roll please…Nexus by day!¨

Nexus by day

I had a chat with one of the cool bartenders, Exe, and he gave me some insider knowledge on Nexus. Did you know that Nexus is open every weekday from 09:00 to 18:00? And that you can actually go there and remain sober because they sell non-alcoholic beverages at extremely good prices? They sell high quality coffees such as expresso, cortado, caffe latte, capuchino, americano, Irish coffee as well as teas, chai latte, hot chocolate and soft drinks, with prices ranging between 15-20 kroner. Hint! Try the chai latte – my friend said it was one of the best she had ever tasted! Furthermore, while snuggling up on the couch and enjoying your delicious coffee, why not borrow one of the games they have, such as BezzerWizzer? You can compete with your friends on how much random knowledge your brain is able to store! If you are more into using your hands actively, Nexus has just installed another football table which you can challenge your friends in. And although they don’t serve food, it is in fact allowed to bring the food you have bought from the canteen into the Nexus café while enjoying the cosy atmosphere – as long as you buy a cup of tea or something. Another thing you might not know about Nexus is that you can hire the café for birthdays, parties and other events!

Nexus by night

This being said, I think Nexus also deserves some positive feedback and compliments for its Thursday events. Firstly, Nexus always comes up with an original and often very topical theme, such as “Movember” on November 1st and “J-day” on November 2nd! What more, despite the fact that the music does not start before 22.30 (school policy, so this isn’t negotiable, sorry!), when it DOES start, it is not simply a someone’s iPod that is plugged into some speakers. Nexus hires famous Danish DJs such as Anders K, DJ Alligator and Rasmus Dyrskjødt to get the party started. While you’re showing off your funky dance moves that you’ve been practicing your whole life, a photographer at Nexus may also capture you on camera, so that you can treasure the moment for the rest of your life. And have you ever considered how Nexus manages to clean up after 1000 people every Thursday in time for 8-o’clock classes on Fridays? Well, it is in fact the bartenders that devote their precious time until 3 a.m. in the morning to clean up, followed by a cleaning company that washes the floor afterwards so you don’t walk around in puddles of beer the following day.

What I’m trying to say is this: keep going to Nexus parties on Thursdays, but don’t let the fun stop there. Go check out Nexus on weekdays, and let yourself be positively surprised. Economics 101 tells us that the more that students realize that Nexus is an awesome café by day, the bigger budget Nexus will have to reinvest in new equipment and games, cool events, better decorations and more epic parties, which will make Nexus a happier, better place. Don’t forget to keep yourself updated on upcoming Nexus events, so click here to check out their Facebook page. See you all at Nexus!

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Sidsel Marie Lyhne is a first year masters student, studying Msc. International Marketing and Management. She's a journalist and reviewer of Copenhagen's Treasures, and former Editor-in-Chief of CBSLife. When she isn't travelling and making 100+ second snapchat stories, you'll find her at her regular bar, Nexus, with a beer (or two) in hand or dancing to Justin Bieber's latest hit.

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    You forgot something at the end; “This ad was brought to you by Nexus”..

    And Movember and J-Day aren’t exactly original, sorry

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