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In Denmark, people love it when you speak Danish. They’ll be very confused why you want to learn their language, but they will be impressed and a little condescending, but mostly impressed. Learning Danish will help you become more autonomous while you’re here, because it’s always nice to be able to order a beer without screaming “I’m a foreigner”.

Denmark’s Immigration Ministry has a law saying that anyone with a CPR number is entitled to 3 years of Danish classes. Where you go depends on where you live, but every community (Kommune) in Denmark has a list of Danish Language Schools that you are welcome to attend, not to mention the courses offered through CBS.

To sign up for language courses at CBS, it’s real simple. Go to the website and follow the instructions.

If you’d rather take lessons in your Kommune, then you start on your Kommune’s website and go from there. We have laid out the steps here for the more common København Kommune, and then some generic steps if you end up somewhere outside of Copenhagen or in Frederiksberg

København Kommune

The København Kommune website is rather easy to navigate when looking for Danish Classes because everything’s in English go to, switch to English (other languages at the top), click “Resident in Copenhagen”, then “Education and Learning”, then “Language Teaching”, and finally on the top bar “Training in Danish language and culture for adult foreigners”, or type in this;

Other Kommunes

Depending on where you end up, they may not be used to having foreigners arrive. Some Kommunes will have their sites in English, but there are no guarantees. The immigration office has this handy list of all the language schools in Denmark approved by the government. This means regardless of where you end up, you can just search your post number or Kommune and find the closest one to you. The list is at the bottom of the page;

Online Learning

It’s also nice to show up and already know a few words and phrases. On the link provided above, you can also click on “Online Learning” and find many online courses, both free and paid.

This article was published and written by Erik Thompson, a member of the International Business Integration Union. IB Union consists of a group of students dedicated to helping students from abroad transition to life in Copenhagen. You can find out more about them at here or on the IB Union Facebook page.

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