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We are at a time of immense uncertainty in the future of CBS. Another round of deep budget cuts are putting into question the quality of our education, and massive departmental upheaval is changing the way the school functions. CBSLife has decided to be proactive in seeking out answers and finding guidance about the school’s future. Unfortunately belt-tightening is everywhere so we have been forced to turn to an alternative way of making forecasts, but we assure you this won’t affect the quality of the conclusion. ;-)

CBS Logo hand

Via: Pierce Ricketts

Palmistry has been a “respected science” for centuries and is an effective way of gleaming insights into tomorrow. Although CBS lacks actual tangible hands, the logo was practically designed for this use!

Line of health (left)


Via: Pierce Ricketts

The line on the left is the line of health; its thin uncurved shape means that CBS will have a long life. But the anomaly on the end means someone close to it may be struggling with their health. So if you see anyone from KU ask them if they’re okay.

Line of success (middle)


Via: Pierce Ricketts

When the line of success is straight up and down as it is in the CBS logo, it indicates that you will do well at anything that you ‘go all out’ in. That should do as much as any ‘international university ranking’ to solidify the status of CBS as a prestigious institution. That is certainly something worth putting on your resume.

Line of Fate (Right)


Via: Pierce Ricketts

The line of fate, the one on the right represents the events that will influence your life. The bottom of the line represents youth and the top represents old age. The thinness at the bottom is not promising, but the thickness at the top predicts great things are coming our way. So even if the cuts are looking bleak right now in the future things will turn around. Maybe some day the government will actually acknowledge the importance of education or at the very least we might get enough study seats for a school of 18.000 students!

Line of head (horizontal)


Via: Pierce Ricketts

The line of head is the horizontal line on the palm it predicts your character and psychological makeup. It is somewhat long which means that CBS tends to think things through and take a high-minded approach to problems. Its straightness signifies that CBS is practical, organized and logical to the point of being materialistic. This last prediction will probably delight most CBS students and proves just how powerful the mysterious science of palm reading is.


If you aren’t convinced by palm reading, and you’re one of those people who want things to be ‘rational’ and ‘proven’ then you can always try to research what is in store for the next couple of years. But don’t look to CBS for that kind of research, because after this new round of cuts they won’t be able to afford much of anything!

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