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With the constant emergence of new student management consultancies and think-tanks, it is easy to ask yourself; are students really capable of consulting actual firms, NGO’s and projects led by professionals, who used to be students, who have gained much more experience and knowledge within their particular field? Do the consultants actually make a difference or are they merely students who like to wear fancy suits and read their names on shiny PDF reports in our CV-building culture?

With more than 14 countries and over 1200 consultants involved worldwide, 180 Degrees Consulting, being the world’s largest non-profit student-driven consultancy does not just claim to make a social impact. Its six years in the business actually shows real evidence that impact is and has been made. Note the word social. 180 Degrees Consulting does not want to, nor sees itself capable of, consulting firms in maximizing profit and coming up with new business strategies to expand the company itself. The motivation is to make a sustainable impact by either working with NGO’s or consulting businesses in Corporate Social Responsibility. Thus 180 Degrees is not a case competition. They work with real projects in the real world to hopefully make a real impact.

Here at CBS 40 – 60 students are taken in each semester as consultants. They are split into teams of five, each with a team leader, and they will throughout the semester work on one specific project at the same time as receiving professional consulting training and participate in 4 workshops. The workload is approximately 10 – 15 hours pr. week, and to become a consultant grades do not matter. It is merely ones motivation and experience that mean something. For the first time this year students were sent to Sierra Leone and Chile to participate in international projects – so if one is motivated and works hard, there are some really great opportunities when getting involved.

No convinced yet? Show up at 180 Degrees info meeting on Thursday at SPs05 at 17.30. Fancy suits are not mandatory.


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Sidsel is a second year IBP student, originally born and raised in the dark side of Jutland, now exploring the life of CBS and Copenhagen. Sidsel spent some years in between her high school and bachelor studies in London, doing absolutely everything but being academic (frankly, she just partied), and is therefore trying to get used to studying again and living in a city where every one looks the same, and understands everything she is saying. Sidsel's three greatest loves are white russians from Nexus, gangsta rap and what she believes to be her hometown (but really isn't), London.

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