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Welcome home exchange students! This article touches upon the mixed feelings students returning from exchange have. On one side, there is no better feeling than seeing all your closest friends and family again and being back with all the familiar surroundings. However, on the other side, once you have been back in Copenhagen for a few weeks, you start becoming restless and wonder what to do next. You have been used to a lifestyle full of adventures and continuously new experiences, and now you are back wondering how to continue this wonderful way of life. However, it should not be mistaken that these opportunities do not exist in Copenhagen – they do!

For the past few weeks it has been my finest task to locate, here in Copenhagen, the equivalent experiences of my exchange in Downtown Los Angeles. Thus, I have found the most exciting adventure possibilities, most charming and atmospheric bars, as well as the best restaurants in Copenhagen, which all live up to the standards of our exchange experiences.


URCHave you been on exchange, you have probably either skydived in Aussie, river rafted in South America, climbed mountains in Canada or something even crazier. But why stop just because you have returned to Copenhagen? There are still opportunities to get the ultimate adrenaline kick. Urban Ranger Camp at Refshaleøen has the world’s highest indoor high-roping facility, 50 meters above the ground. There are 4 main tracks, and once you enter the first, there is no way back. Needless to say, you will definitely cross your own limits. The experience gave a whole new meaning to the words action and extreme activities as you proceed through the obstacles not even really noticing that you are wearing a safety line.


Similarly, Copenhagen also has offers for those with gasoline in the blood. GoRacing is a go-cart track where you can release your inner cheetah. The track offers professional timekeeping equipment and creates the perfect frame for a little bit of competition as well as a universe of excitement.


img_5446A beer on the beach in Aussie, cocktails in downtown Los Angeles or champagne on the rooftop in Singapore – do not despair! You may not know, but Copenhagen actually offers some incredible bars. Balthazar Champagne Bar is the diamond of Copenhagen. It might as well have been located in Los Angeles or London as the atmosphere is beyond anything we usually see in Copenhagen. Nevertheless, we are lucky enough to have a champagne bar with service that exceeds all expectations starting already when you are welcomed at the entrance and the door is being opened for you. The name stems from a 12 litre champagne bottle, and thus the bar is first and foremost about champagne. There is a certain elegant and formal environment, which goes well in hand with the French Francophile décor and the tunes from the DJ. Oscar Wilde once said: “Only the unimaginative can fail to find a reason to drink champagne”.

fugu_1_537187cEntering FUGU, Freddy’s Unique Garden Union, which is yet another one of Copenhagen’s treasures, you will feel like you have entered a unique breathing space in Copenhagen. The garden is a relaxed intimate enclave of Copenhagen, the interior includes a real life fugu fish aquarium, and the bartenders will mix the best innovative cocktails. So yes, self-indulgence is also allowed in Copenhagen, and not just on exchange.


Do you miss Sushi on the beach in Malibu or Jazz in the heart of Toronto? Luckily, Copenhagen offers some of the best restaurants in the world, besides from the obvious, Noma. The Standard, that is, the old Custom House, has reopened with a name that celebrates the historical art deco building. The concept revolves around the first-class jazz music which mixes the familiar with the unfamiliar and the old with the new. In addition, they have an avant-garde kitchen which too blends the deep respect for traditions, but with a will to sweep away the old and introduce the new. The restaurant offers both modern Danish plates as well as contemporary Indian gastronomy. Thus, the restaurant offers a great dinner, followed by a real jazz experience.

A different, yet equally exciting dining experience is at Nose2Tail. It is Copenhagen’s first sustainable food-bodega and is based on the nose2tail principle: to use the entire animal from nose to tail and avoid waste. Obviously, the suppliers are ecological, because happy animals taste better. The atmosphere is also worth noticing. The restaurant is located in a basement in the trendy meatpacking district in Copenhagen.


So, my friends, who says Copenhagen is boring?

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has a bachelor degree in B.Sc. International Business at the Copenhagen Business School. She is currently getting her second bachelor degree in Law at University of Copenhagen, in order to become a lawyer. She is originally from the Whiskey Belt in Northern Sealand and lived as well as studied a year on the east coast of US and six months on the west coast. She enjoys all sorts of sport, especially playing tennis, windsurfing and all other water sports and additionally loves traveling the world.

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