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Before I went to Roskilde Festival, I had heard so many things about it, both good and bad, as well as gotten several versions of “You’re Danish and you haven’t been to Roskilde Festival? What’s wrong with you?”. So I’ve decided to write the most honest article you will ever read about Roskilde Festival, describing this year’s festival in as much detail as possible. Here goes.

The Roskilde Festival Life

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Source: Niclas Francois Dal Randgaard

As I’m sitting in a house in Palma, Mallorca, staring out at the perfectly cut green grass and clean pool, it’s hard to believe that I came home from Roskilde Festival less than a week ago.  Being at Roskilde Festival is like being in a completely new country. Scratch that, it’s actually like being in a whole new world. To any of you who have ever played computer games such as World of Warcraft, it’s a bit like that, except there isn’t war, and you aren’t a warlock or a wizard. Well, maybe you think you are, but then it’s the alcohol or drugs talking. What I’m trying to say is that being at Roskilde Festival is like being in a world that consists of a few villages, which are the camps, and then there are little “city centres” where you can shop, buy food and recharge your phone. Then there are events or competitions that pop up all over the place, and if you are lucky or well-connected, you will find them. People walk around reading Orange Press, the daily Roskilde Festival newspaper. People have a common understanding and accept that you don’t look your best and that your outfit is a little off. People don’t judge you for eating two fatty burgers and a hotdog in one day. That’s Roskilde Festival life for you.

The Concerts

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Stevie Wonder at Orange Stage
Source: Niclas Francois Dal Rangaard

1980 kr for a ticket gives you access to a jungle of concerts – so many that you might even get a little stressed trying to make it to all of them. For those of you who mainly come for the music, just know that there are lots of upcoming DJs in the warm-up days, so you shouldn’t miss these either! These can lead to the craziest parties…

This year the big names were definitely The Rolling Stones, Arctic Monkeys, Stevie Wonder, Drake, Major Lazer, Outkast and Trentemøller. But did they live up to their reputation? In my opinion, Stevie Wonder and Arctic Monkeys were amazing. They played all the big hits, but it’s a shame that Stevie Wonder couldn’t see what a huge crowd was gathered at Orange Stage when he played! Major Lazer was the most hyper concert I have ever been to. Everyone was moshpitting, running around, girls were getting put up on their boyfriends’ shoulders, and people were taking their shirts off and swinging them around. A man in a banana costume even had the pleasure of being invited up onto the stage where the dancers twerked in his face to “Bubble butt” and he was asked to “dance for Denmark”. No pressure. To be honest I was a bit disappointed with The Rolling Stones, as they didn’t play “Paint It Black”, and didn’t connect with the crowd. Unfortunately Drake cancelled due to illness, so that was a huge letdown for many people.

Another thing that is funny about Roskilde Festival is the diversity of music at the festival, also known as The Orange Feeling.  You might not have the exact same music taste as your friends, but at Roskilde Festival they may drag you to a random heavy metal concert like Carcass, or you can take them to a Manu Chao La Venture concert which consists of Spanish and French tunes. Suddenly you will discover a whole new genre of music, or find out a certain band is super chill to listen to! You may also spot an up-and-coming musician who simply hasn’t made it big yet.

The Camping

You either hate it or love it.  The small luxury of having my own shower and bathroom has almost become foreign to me. At Roskilde Festival you have to be prepared for waiting in line for an hour just to take a shower if you want a hot one. On top of this, the restrooms won’t exactly smell like roses. The temperature in your tent will be close to the freezing point at night, but you will bake like a hot potato when the clock on your iPhone hits 7 in the morning. Want to sleep til 10 am? Forget it! You will most likely not sleep until 5 am as your neighbours from DTU are partying until way past dawn, and then they will probably start the boombox again at 7 am when they are well-rested from their 2 hour nap. Despite all these things, there is nothing better than waking up in a camp with your best friends, knowing that you will spend the rest of the day with them, getting up to funny pranks, eating good food, drinking beers at great concerts and strengthening your already-strong friendship. Nawwww! Too cheesy? It won’t be after a few beers.

The Food


The famous Dixie Burger

Before Roskilde Festival I had made it my goal to buy as little food as possible there because 1) I figured it would be unhealthy 2) I thought it would be expensive. With this naiveté, I packed a whole Netto bag full of rye bread, avocados and cereal bars, thinking this could at least cover breakfast and lunch for the 4 days I spent there. I ended up throwing half of the avocados out because they got squashed in the tent, and the rye bread was just boring compared to everything available at Roskilde Festival. The cereal bars were a success though. Not surprisingly, I ended up buying lots of food at Roskilde Festival, because I would almost say it is a food mecca. Yes, there are a lot of places you can buy burgers, but they are close to the standard of Cock’s and Cows, Hot Buns or Halifax. There is so much more though – everything from pasta to sushi to falafel. This means that you can eat healthy if you want, but let’s be honest – you’ll be drinking beer all day, so it won’t make a huge difference if you eat a burger instead of a salad, and eating a bigger meal will ensure that you don’t burn out by 10 o’clock. That’s just not an option at Roskilde Festival.


Major Lazer at Orange Stage

There are many ups and downs about Roskilde Festival, but I must admit, looking back I wouldn’t have it any other way. Wait, I lied. If I could get 3 wishes from a genie, I’d like no queue to the hot showers, clean restrooms everywhere and tents that automatically adjust to suit my body temperature. However, taking all the amazing experiences into account, I can live with the “hardships”. Roskilde Festival has grown on me. If you go, maybe you’ll see me there – I’ll be the short blonde girl, beer in hand, taking every experience in with eyes open wide with wonder. If it’s your first time at the festival, check out the 5 festival myths, check out this year’s festival fashion and keep an eye out for cool events and happenings.

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