Rustur is the Best

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Pre-intro trip butterflies

Before going on the intro trip I admit I was extremely apprehensive. Why on earth would I want to spend 4 days with 180 strangers that I had just met? How would I cope with sleeping on thin mattresses for 4 nights in classrooms full of 20 snoring people? Would I even get to shower? My list of worrying questions went on and on, until I figured that worrying never solved any problems. I let excitement take over instead, hoped for the best, but expected the worst.

It was one of the craziest, funniest, weirdest and best trips of my life. It’s extremely different from being on a chill holiday with your friends in Mallorca or on a family ski trip to Italy. On intro trips, there is always something going on. All the time.

The socializing

Be prepared to forget twice as many names as you manage to learn. Sometimes you’re even so focused on remembering a new person’s name that you forget your own name. But this is a good sign, it shows that you’re trying. Set yourself a target of meeting 10 new people everyday, have a conversation with them and try to remember their names. I think this is what people call “making friends”. If you find it awkward to go up to a random stranger you’ve never met, find a funny icebreaker like, “oh, so are you also at CBS to study (insert your course here)?” or “I think I’ve seen you before, were you at the party last night?” Hopefully they will understand your humor. If you’re not a naturally funny or talkative person, go up to a group of people who are playing a drinking game or football or eating, and just ask if you can join. Remember to smile, people usually like that.


The drinking

Before I came to CBS, I thought I had a healthy relationship with alcohol.. After the intro trip, I really wanted to break up with alcohol, or maybe alcohol wanted to break up with me. Be prepared to drink quite a lot on the intro trip. Of course, no one is forcing you to, and you definitely shouldn’t if it’s against your religion or you can’t control yourself. But trust me, the intro trip will be a tad funner if you join in on the drinking, because let’s face it, alcohol is a social lubricant. And guys, a great excuse to start a conversation with that hottie you’ve been eyeing is to buy her drink. But be careful as well; if you’re drinking all day everyday, your body will suddenly get used to being chronically drunk, and that extra shot of cheap vodka might tip you over the edge, and you will end up missing the most awesome rave party ever. And if you’re way too wasted, you might end up doing something you might regret…. which will suddenly be the gossip of the whole intro trip!


The random-izing

So many random things are going to happen to you. You might have strange conversations with people about their secret past as famous rockstars, you might end up going skinny dipping in a nearby lake, you might be forced to drink tequila shots in the morning, you might get your shirt ripped in half during a crazy party, and you might end up completely covered in paint from glowsticks. But then at least you’ll have a few funny anecdotes to tell your friends, and these funny stories are also great ways to talk to new people on the trip.


The chaos-izing

By the end of the trip, all the doubts you might have had about the chaos of the intro trip will be washed away. Suddenly showering naked with people you’ve just met becomes the norm, and eating dinner with a new group of people will seem like the most natural thing ever. You’ll reach for a beer instead of water when you’re thirsty and you’ll find everything funny because you’re laughing at how chaotic it is to constantly be around people; standing squashed against people in the breakfast queue, laughing hysterically at the craziest dance moves you’ve just created with your dancing partner, and waking up with someone’s face just 10 centimeters from yours.

You’ll realize that university life is way more than just reading thick textbooks, going to lectures and sitting through 4 hour long closed book exams. You’ll most likely make friends for life, and when you’re a rich CEO, you’ll look back at your intro trip and think “Man, those were the best days of my life.” Enjoy your trip!

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Sidsel Marie Lyhne is a first year masters student, studying Msc. International Marketing and Management. She's a journalist and reviewer of Copenhagen's Treasures, and former Editor-in-Chief of CBSLife. When she isn't travelling and making 100+ second snapchat stories, you'll find her at her regular bar, Nexus, with a beer (or two) in hand or dancing to Justin Bieber's latest hit.

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