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You may be going home from exchange or from a visit to Denmark and want to bring something really Danish, back home to your friends and family. So, you go down to the supermarket and stroll along the long isles with bags and bags full of temptation. But where do all these brands actually come from, and how do you choose something that is really Danish?

We have asked Danes, what brands they think of, when they think about Danish snacks. Follow our guideline to the ultimate Danish snacks below.


Via: KiMs



A Danish favorite –  KiMs must for obvious reasons be mentioned first. KiMs may very well be the preferred brand of chips in Denmark. If you say “Danish Chips” to a Dane, KiMs will immediately come straight to his mind. If you choose KiMs, there are a number of amazing products and snacks including everything from chips to peanuts, and of course with an opportunity to buy ecological products. It is safe to say, that all their products are great.

You probably did not know this about KiMs

Every year, KiMs produces around 11.000 tons of chips, corresponding to 72 trucks a week. KiMs uses a cooker which can cook 36 tons of potatoes in 24 hours, and KiMs has an annual consumption of foil corresponding to 223.000 soccer courts in continuation of each other.


Karen Volf

Via: Karen Volf


Karen Volf

Another Danish favorite includes Karen Volf herself. Karen Volf is actually a brand under Bisca, but Karen Volf is known for creating some amazing Danish snacks. Danes eat what is called “koldskål”, best translated as a buttermilk dessert. In this they put kind of vanilla-flavored biscuit called “kammerjunker”. In 2013, Danes bought 4 million bags of kammerjunker, and they were sold out nationwide in July. This biscuit is a must to your “taking back Danish snacks” list!

For Christmas, the most popular biscuit of all must be “pebernødder”. Despite being a seasonal biscuit, Karen Volf still produces 5 million pebernødder every year. For New Year’s Danes eat “kransekage”, best translated as “almond cake”. It tastes like heaven, and is of course also produced by Karen Volf. Generally, you will just want to try each and every cookie, cake and snack that says Karen Volf on the package. Despite the heavy focus on health in Denmark, Danes will not do without biscuits.

You probably did not know this about Karen Volf

Karen Volf was 26 when she in 1890 became the first industrial baker in Denmark. In 1997 Karen Volf became a brand under Bisca, and they are the official supplier to the Danish Royal Family. Every day, 20 bakers are in the kitchen to bake the cakes and biscuits, and in total, there are more than 200 kinds of biscuits, cakes and cookies. Especially in China and Hong Kong, they love the Danish butter cookies.


Via: Toms


The Danes favorite chocolate may very well be from Toms. Toms produce a variety of incredible chocolate, the most well-known probably being the delicious “gold bar” which comes in many different flavors.

You probably did not know this about Toms

The name Toms stems from the founders Trojel and (og) Meyer, in short Tom. –S was added because “Tom” in Danish means empty, and they wanted to avoid people reading “empty” on their vending machine. So they added the –s. How very creative of them.

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