Style Spotted at CBS: Week 11

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Have you given yourself a break to feel the nature outside? Don’t you agree that one can already smell spring is finally here? This week has been the perfect start to the new season, with green grass and flowers blossoming, birds flying back home, and the warm sunshine and feeling of happiness everywhere! CBS students’ outfits are also moving away from winter-black and toward the lighter colors – while still being fashionable as always. So this week’s fashion theme is ‘Spring Time Pastels’ and four individuals have been spotted who presented their pastel feeling.


Name: Julie Lykke Isaksen
Study program: BA IMK
Nationality: Danish

Where did you get your coat from?
I got this coat from Rome.
What has inspired you to wear pastel today?
It is because I wore black all the time and it is going to be spring so I am starting to wear more light and joyful colors after all the darkness.
Where do you normally shop?
I have no specific store and I normally shop from different places. I like to look for something nice and unique.
What would be the item that you must have or must wear?
Dresses because they are nice and I don’t have to think much of more items.
How do find CBS so far?
I really like it here. There are a lot of fun people and I think my program is very interesting.
Do you have any tips for fellow students?
Just enjoy everything as much as you can while you are still a student. Don’t take things too seriously because you will be serious when you have to work later anyway.


Name: Martina Vrzalova
Study program: BSc International Business
Nationality: Slovak

What is your favorite color?
I like red because it is a good color to make you stand out from the dark crowd.
What would be the item that you must have or must wear?
How do you manage to shop on a student budget?
Just go for stuff that is on sale!
What is your favorite store?
I  would say Mango.
What has inspired you to wear pastel today?
Well, when there is sun outside, I like to wear lighter colors.
How do you find your student life here in Denmark?
It is very fun here. There are a lot of cool events to attend and interesting organizations to join. I also like that CBS has  a lot of international students.
Do you have any student tips?
Don’t spend all you time on studying but instead try to join different organizations, such as CBS Move or ISA!

Name: Vibeke Midttun
Study program: MSc Brand Communication Management
Nationality: Norwegian

What are your favorite colors?
Nowadays I go for pastels because I always wear dark colors.
Where did you get your coat from?
Where do you normally shop?
It depends on which stores I see something nice in.
How do you manage to shop on a student budget?
I try to find not too expensive pieces but if I buy something very expensive then I won’t shop for a long period.
How do you like CBS?
I really like it and am very satisfied with my program.

Let’s hope that the nature will stay like what it is right now and that you all enjoy this precious  spring time as much as you can! We never know what Danish weather will bring us, but hopefully sunnier days are ahead! Once again, remember, I will be going around campus being sneaky peaky, so watch out, maybe you will be spotted next week!

A little heads up for next week. If the Danish weather is beautiful like this week, the theme for next week is likely to be something with bright colors. So get your colorful wardrobe ready so you can be spotted!

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