Style Spotted at CBS: Week 12

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Dear lovely readers,

I assume most of you are in your exam period right now, so am I! Well, as we all have noticed, our lovely Danish weather for this week has been nothing at all like last week! Therefore, the theme of something bright as I mentioned in the article last week, will be postponed until we get some sun again (hopefully soon!). Anyhow, it doesn’t matter how instantly the weather changes, CBS still stays festive as usual. Like today,  there was a diversity day event on campus. So from that, the theme for this week is ‘diversity Friday’. I have spotted three individuals from different backgrounds who have their own cool and unique style.

Name: Ella Lindberg14559_4158180208589_157225337_n
Study program: MSc Marketing Image Management and exchange student from Finland
Nationality: Finnish

How would you describe this week’s weather in colors?
Gray or black.
How do you style yourself this season?
I like bright colors and I like to mix natural colors with one colorful item.
Where do you normally shop?
I like to shop back home in Helsinki and when I’m traveling to Stockholm or the US. Mostly, I go to H&M or Zara.
What is your must have or must wear item?
My Nike shoes and bag. I feel naked without a bag or scarf!
How has your experience at CBS been so far? 
It has been very nice so far. I’m very much enjoying it especially when the sun is shining! CBS is way bigger than my home university.
What is your impression of the diversity at CBS?
It is very diverse here with so many people from different cultures. I feel like I meet somebody new everyday I come to school and I really appreciate that.


Name: Rasmus Ege Nielsen 
Study program: BSc SEM
Nationality: Danish

What is your favorite color?
Dark purple.
What has inspired you to wear something outside the “Danish” stereotype’s tone?
Well, just because I feel like colors have brought a bit of joy to this kind of heavy weather and they basically just make me happy.
Where do you normally shop?
I like to shop in Norrebro and specifically on Elmegade, which is right next to Sankt Hans Torv.
Do you have any specific favorite stores on that street?
I actually don’t have any specific ones.
What do you think about CBS so far? 
To be honest, I’m not here at CBS so much because I like to study on my own but I like it here though.

Name: Aya Okamura1613969_4158179768578_1854811199_n
Study program: Former CBS student
Nationality: Japanese/Danish

What are your favorite colors for any outfit?
I tend to like black as my main color but in spring time I like to wear more patterned items and colors. Orange would be my key color.
How would you describe this week’s weather in colors?
Pastels because they are not too bright nor too dark.
Where do you normally shop?
I normally shop in Japan because I go there quite often. It is more unique and of course cheaper there than here. I also like a Danish brand called “Edith go Ella” because they have a very nice and feminine style.
How do you find CBS in terms of diversity?
I have been studying for five years already and my class was very amazing. Our class had so many people from different countries, backgrounds and interests. I think it is very nice and I had very positive experiences from that diversity.
Do you have any student tips as a former student?
Make good friends and keep in touch with them. It’s always nice to have a network.

For those of you who  are not in the exam period, lucky you! But good luck to all of you (including myself) who are in the midst of an exam period. Keep up the energy! Let’s again hope that the Danish weather will treat us nicer next – and the coming weeks. Just to remind you, I will take a break every last week of the month so there is no Style Spotted at CBS article next week. Anyway, see you the week after next week!

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