Style Spotted at CBS: Week 15

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Hey hey,

I really wanted to greet you guys with a super happy sunny spring mood. But wait, where is the sun!? Where are all the people with sunglasses on or the ones with colorful outfits? Oh well, I guess, the theme for this week should be something like “two-tone sky” since the sky has pretty much appeared in two colors this week, grey and dark. Anyway, whatever color the sky is, CBS students still keep up their stylish skill as usual. So this week, I have spotted three individuals who have great style while representing this week’s theme of the sky’s colors.

Name: Helena Hsu 1907965_4216975798442_1173525836151827465_n
Study program: BSc Business Administration and Sociology
Nationality: Hong Kong (Chinese)

What would be your item for this week’s weather?
I would go for a raincoat.
Where do you normally shop in Copenhagen?
I like to shop at Vila and H&M.
What are your favorite colors?
It would be purple but for clothes I would say pink!
As an international student, how do you like studying at CBS?
Compared to Hong Kong, I think studying here is very relaxing and less stressful.
What about the international environment here?
There is a lot of diversity at CBS. I meet people from all over the world here.
So, what are you doing on Easter?
I am thinking of traveling to Jutland.

1797329_4216975118425_7960008451737820682_nName: Pierre Philip Linde
Study program: MSc Accounting, Strategy and Control
Nationality: Half Swedish and French

What are you doing on Easter?
I am going home to Stockholm to spend some time with my family and friends.
What would be the accessory(ies) you must have or must wear in a usual day?
I would say a watch, a scarf is always nice or maybe a bag. I like to try to keep it as simple as possible though.
 What are your favorite colors for clothes?
Purple and dark blue during winter. Green and light blue for summer.
Where do you normally like to shop?
I like to shop back home in Stockholm and when I am abroad, in order to get the most unique clothes. Though, most of my shirts are custom made from Hong kong.
How do you find the international environment here at CBS?
It is very unique here in the sense that there is a wide range of diversity. There are people from all over the world.

Name: Rilke Tverno 1508171_4216975518435_8532361207428247724_n
Study program: HD Marketing Management
Nationality: Danish

Where do you normally shop?
I always shop online! I rarely go to stores because it is easier and most of the time cheaper.
Where did you get your clothes from?
I got this one online from
What would be the item you must have or must wear in a usual day?
My watch and I will feel naked without it!
Do you have any plans for Easter?
I am going to have dinner and spend time with my family.
What is your study program about?
It is called HD, it is the program for the people who work full time. The classes are usually in the evening or in the weekend.
So, can you please give some study tips as a full-time employee?
You have to be really organized and good at time management.

Let’s hope the Danish weather will be nice to us the next coming weeks. I am craving for some colorful atmosphere now! Anyway, I hope you all have a nice Easter vacation! So once again, remember, I will be going around campus being sneaky peaky, so watch out, maybe you will be spotted next week!

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