Style spotted at CBS: Week 37

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We have spotted how people at CBS have great fashion sense all over campus with a great mixture of diversity and a wide-range of styles. Therefore, CBSLife has set out to regularly spot those who we think inspire others and us.

The goal of this fashion column is to share what CBS people are currently thinking in terms of trends, a garment or accessory, what is inspiring them, or what their opinion is of events that are currently happening on campus. Along the way, we hope these people can spark fashion and style in everyone’s souls and make the campus more delightful, and aesthetically pleasing to be around!

We will be going around campus every Thursday being sneaky peaky, so watch out for us, the style spotters! Maybe you will be spotted next week! This week, we have spotted and talked to 4 individuals who we thought particularly stood out! Read on and get inspired!



Name: Emma Norton

Study Program: MSc in Applied Economics and Finance

Nationality: Norwegian

What is your favorite fall color? : Mostly black and dark colors but also burgundy

Where did you get your dress?  : A local store in Shang Hai, China



Name: Cristiano Eriksen

Study Progam: Bsc in HA Kom.

Nationality: Half Danish-half Peruvian

What is your favorite fall color? : Grey

Where do usually shop?: Kaufmann and Burberry online

What would be your basic everyday outfit?: Burberry trench coat, black jeans and a polo shirt



Name: Louise Kristensen

Study Program: Can.Ling.Merc. (business, language and communication)

Nationality: Danish

What is your favorite fall color?: Mostly dark blue but also black and white

Where did you get your cardigan?: Marlene Birger

Where do you mainly shop?: Company




Name: Joakim Krogstad

Nationality: Norway

Study Program: Cand. Merc. FIR

What is your favorite fall color?: Olive green/army green

What would be your basic everyday outfit?: Jeans, t-shirt, sneakers (relaxed style)



See you next week!

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