Style Spotted at CBS: Week 38

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Fresh Start Back to School!

Hi there, beautiful people!

Welcome back to school and welcome on board to all the new students!

We are proud to announce that Style Spotted is now two years old!  For those who don’t know us yet, we are two spotters who have been amazed by the great fashion sense all over campus with its mixture of diversity and wide-range of styles. So, therefore, CBSLife has set us, the style spotters, to spot students (mainly at Solbjerg Plads) with great fashion sense and inspiring style, with a theme for each week.

The goal of this fashion column is to share what CBS people are currently thinking in terms of trends, a garment or accessory, what is inspiring them, or their opinion is on events currently happening on campus. Along the way, we hope these people can spark fashion and style in everyone’s souls and make the campus more delightful, and aesthetically pleasing to be around!

Fall is approaching and, you know, since it’s the Danish fall, you never really know what to wear outside since you can’t be certain how many seasons you will get within one day! You might see some people wear a thick jacket, while some people wear shorts or sleeveless shirt. However, the Danish fall has, so far, given us the mixed feeling of summer and fall, with some cloudy and sunny summer days. This gives us a very knice kick-start to the new school year, inspiring us to come up with the theme for the first week of our second year: “Fresh Start Back to School.” As usual, we snuck around campus, checking up all the fashionable CBS students and have spotted four individuals who have some colors on them while having a nice touch of style.

10710538_4761159122685_8260653606676224382_nName: Julia Le
Nationality: Danish
Study program: MSc Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship

What would be your regular outfit for this kind of weather?
I’d say layers. If it’s too warm I can just take my jacket or cardigan off and if it’s getting cold then put it back on.
So, do you have any item that you must have or must wear for this season?
Yes, either a hat or a scarf.
What’s your favorite color(s) for your usual fall outfit? 
The main colors would be white, black, grey, and a little bit of blue-ish.
Where do you normally shop on a student budget?
I like to shop mostly when I’m on traveling and I also like Weekday and other H&M chain stores.
How do you think of CBS so far?
I really like it here and I love my study program. I went to STU for my bachelor but there wasn’t so much social life.


Name: Karsten Niemeijer10698409_4761158042658_8985137412872133239_n
Nationality: Dutch
Study program: Exchange student from Netherlands

So since you are an exchange student, how do you like CBS and Copenhagen so far?
I like it a lot and it is much bigger than my university back home. I also come from a small city so Copenhagen is way bigger and more fun. It’s also very clean here.
What is your style of shopping?
I shop once in a while and I rather not buy cheap clothes but more like more expensive and have better quality ones.
What’s your favorite color(s) for your usual fall outfit?
I generally like to wear colors. I have trousers in almost all colors! Though, I don’t have any specific color that I like.
What would be your item that you must have or must wear for this season?
Probably a thin shirt and a scarf.


10665773_4761158282664_5881533240937949094_nName: Cecilie
Nationality: Danish

Do you normally like to wear colorful outfit?
Not really.
So what motivates you to wear a bit of pink for today?
I just think this jacket has a nice color.
Where do you normally shop?
How do you think of CBS so far?
It is nice here.
What do you think of Copenhagen in general?
It is very cool. Nice city and cool atmosphere here.



Name: Andreas Bech10698621_4761158922680_6541696385796609039_n
Nationality: Danish
Study program: HD 1. Del

So, what is your study program like?
I’m studying managerial economics and statistics. The HD program offers students with weekend and evening classes. 
What motivates you to wear colors today?
Apart from that I like it, I guess it’s also because of the weather is very nice!
So what is your favorite color(s) for your outfit then?
Where do you normally shop?
Mostly on the internet because it is more convenient. 
So, what would be the item that you must have or must wear for this season?

So again, we never know how well the Danish fall will treat us. So just enjoy the moment! Enjoy the sun and (probably) the warmest week of this year. Just remember, we will be going around campus being sneaky peaky, so watch out for us, the style spotters! Maybe you will be spotted next week!

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Leah BangPun Saykaew: If you think Leah’s not Danish…you are more than right! Obviously, she’s fully Asian with Thai- Chinese equally mixed blood. Leah graduated high school in New York and randomly ended up being an International Business bachelor student. Leah is a fashion-nature-sport lover and on top of that she also love to collect little happy moments and make them visible through photographs.

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