Style spotted at CBS: Week 41

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Co-writer: Caroline Bøegh Salomonsen
The leaves are changing colors and so are the items we are wearing. But the fact that CBS students are still fashionable is never changing. This week, it is pretty interesting to see how students at CBS style themselves in stressful exam preparation time, or while some are looking forward to having an autumn vacation. As usual, we went around campus this week to find out how you get the perfect autumn wardrobe, and we got inspired by cool hats, warm jackets and cosy knits.

Once again, remember, we will be going around campus every Thursday being sneaky peaky, so watch out for us – the style spotters! Maybe you will be spotted next week!

IMG_4417Name: Jomkwan Palitwanon

Study program: Applied Economics and Finance

Nationality: Thailand

How do you stay fashionable on a student budget? CBS is so close to the mall so I normally just go check if there’s something on sale in H&M.
What is your favorite autumn item?
A caramel trenchcoat.
What is your exam outfit?
Something comfortable – jeans, jerseys or jumpers.
Favorite shopping city?
Paris or Milan because it is cheaper.
Why did you choose to come to CBS?
It is a very good business school and it offers good exchange programs.


IMG_4422Name: Andreas Stokholm

Study program: Cand.merc.FIR

Nationality: Danish

Any shopping tips?
Always find a good offer and don’t buy too much.
What would you pick for your normal outfit?
Something like what I am wearing right now, but it would be different if I have to go to work – then I would wear a shirt and something more formal.
What is your favorite color for this season?
Blue is always good!
What is your exam outfit?
That is a difficult one; we don’t want to look too fancy and not too trashy. So I would wear something like a professor – shirt and maybe with a cardigan.
Where do you usually go shop?
Acne or some Swedish brands.
Favorite shopping city?
Berlin since it is not so far.


Name: Johanna Hussmann

Study program: Exchange student

Nationality: German

How do you stay fashionable on a student budget?
I’m working so I can afford a bit, but I often buy from H&M, Zara or other places that are not so expensive.
We have spotted your hat, where did you get your hat from?
A street shop in Thailand.
What is your favorite autumn item?
A hat is always my thing
What is your exam outfit?
Something comfortable and nothing special
Favorite shopping city?
I really like London, Barcelona or Italy.
Why did you choose  to come to CBS?
It is a nice university, it has a good reputation and I also have a friend who is studying here.



Name: Peter Kildegaard

Study programe: Msc in Management of Innovation and Business Development

Nationality: Danish

What is your favorite autumn item?
Where do you shop normally?
Basically everywhere, like in small stores or in H&M.
What would be your favorite place for vacation?
I would pick Brazil for that because it is a very great place with nice food and nice people.
How do you like CBS so far?
It is the first year of my master degree here, but I have also done my bachelor here – so I love CBS. I think it is a good place and there are a lot of different study lines.
What would be your exam outfit?
Something comfortable or maybe what I am wearing now.


Good luck to those of you who are on exam period, and if you’re so lucky not to have exams - have a good autumn vacation!

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