Style spotted at CBS: Week 45

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Hello stylish peeps!

Last week was Exchange Week (a week full of exchange articles from places all over the world!) for CBSLife, which is why we did not have Style Spotted for week 44. But now we are back again! We hope you have missed us.

During this period when it is in a mixture of Summer and Winter, in other words, Autumn, both human and nature are undergoing some changes such as the weather getting darker, and more rainy (with occasional bits of Sun), which often translates to choosing darker and more grey colors for our clothes. Those changes have inspired us, for this week’s article, to have a little more fun than our normal ones. We have set a theme this week, which we call “spot a colorful outfit”. We challenged ourselves to find 4 students who are still rocking the colorful style while most people are wearing the typical black, grey and white colors.

IMG_4083 Name: Martine Mengers
 Study program: BSc. in HA FIL
 Nationality: Danish
 Spotted item: a sunny sky blue coat

What has inspired you to wear this colorful coat?
I actually just bought this coat because I always wear black. So it is actually unusual for me to wear colorful clothes, but I thought it might be nice to wear something different for a change.
What accessories would you pick for this kind of Danish weather?
I like to keep it simple, so jewelries are not really my thing. I’d pick a hat and a scarf just to keep me warm.

Which stores do you like to shop in on a student budget?
Well, when you are a student you don’t have a lot of money so I like to go to those high street stores, Zara, H&M, or Acne.
 Where did you get your coat from?
I got this one from ASOS. This store has a lot of cheap and nice stuff and not everyone is wearing it, like if it is from H&M.
How do you find CBS as a third year student?
I really like it a lot here because of its environment, and also because of my study program. CBS has combined philosophy and business, two different worlds, together very well.


IMG_4084 Name: Federico Rea
 Study program: BSc. in International Business
 Nationality: Italian
Spotted item: a bright lemon green t-shirt

What do you think about the typical Danish/Scandinavian dark style?
I think it’s cool but people with this style look a bit too serious. So I think it’s better to wear colors sometimes because in Italy people wear black and white just to look more elegant.
Why do you like to wear colorful clothes then?
I personally like to wear colorful t-shirts or colorful scarves because I like to walk around with a kind of sunny style and feel fresh!
What would be your accessory for this kind of weather?
I would pick a big big scarf and a trench, of course with colors.
So where do you get most of your colorful clothes from?
Most of my stuff I have here I got from Italy and some are bought from JJ market in Bangkok, Thailand, when I was an exchange student there.
What is your favorite color?
I heard IB is hard; what do you think of your program as a first year student?
It is quite difficult and I am also not good at math, but because the university is well organized and our program is well structured, it helps a lot. Also, having a study group is one of the ways that have helped me survive university so far.



 Name: Selma Skov Høye
 Study program: BSc. in International Business and Politics
 Nationality: Norwegian
 Spotted item: a bright blue scarf

What do you think about the typical Danish/Scandinavian dark style?
I actually like it. I think that there could be more colors but people in general are pretty stylish in that. 
So what has inspired you to wear colors today?
I normally wear a lot of black but it is kind of boring when everyone wears black and I really like when people wear colorful clothes because they look more interesting.
What is your favorite color?
I would go for red – classic.
What is your favorite must-wear item for this weather?
A long coat. Like in Norway, it is very popular to wear a kind of like bubble jacket.
Where do you like to go shop on a student budget?
I normally shop almost only second hand stuff because it is challenging and a lot more fun. Also, it is cheap!


Name: Benedict Stöhr cbsl2
Study Program: Msc. in International Business
Nationality: German
Spotted items: a midnight blue pattern-jacket and a rose pink shirt

What is your favorite color?
Bottle green/forrest green
Where do you like to shop?
COS and Ralph Lauren
What would be the items of your style?
A plain white t-shirt and add a classic coat. I like to mix classic with casual style.
What do you think of the typical Danish/Scandinavian dark clothing style?
I actually like it. It’s very stylish but on the other hand people tend to look kind of similar. Germans are more functional in what they wear, whereas Scandinavians tend to wear something that perhaps is fashionable but not so practical.

We hope this can inspire you to be colorful and stylish at the same time; let’s brighten up CBS and the Danish weather! Next week, we will come up with a surprise theme again. So once again, remember, we will be going around campus every Thursday being sneaky peaky, so watch out for us – the style spotters! Maybe you will be spotted next week! See you! :)

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