Style Spotted at CBS: Week 48 (exclusive edition)

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Hello hello!

We hope you, our lovely readers, are doing great and have all voted in the CBS election this week. CBSLife is supporting democracy and making CBS a better place. Therefore, we also took part in supporting and promoting The election this week  by co-organizing a grand fashion show event with CBS Students!

As you know, we love to surprise and try to keep the life at CBS more exciting. That is why you might notice that our article title this week has a little additional words than usual,  “exclusive edition”. And why’s that? That is because the event we are talking about is of course involving fashion since we all know that students at CBS are such a fashion loving people! So this week, instead of us going around spotting inspiring people, we were at Dalgas on Wednesday co-organizing an awesome event called the  Nous Jewelry Fashion Show.

To make the fashion show as real and fantastic as possible, we took almost 3 weeks for the preparation for this event. CBS has never held a fashion show before so the concept of promoting student election and to raise awareness of the election is very new and a bit out of the box from the other previous years. What has inpired us to such an idea was all because  of you guys! As we all know, our CBS people are very trendy and stylish in a very breathtaking way, which is why the inspiration for the design of the clothing at the runway was rather political. It is in fact also the reason why there is a Style Spotted article every week!

Description of the project:

It was a grand show! Everything about the show is professionally executed and well thought out to the last detail.
The designer for the show was the famous Danish brand Wood Wood. Down the catwalk real professional models wore the cool designs, with political messages printed and inspired by the CBS Students’ VOTEOR campaign. Black tape was on the models’ mouth according to the campaign, (if you don’t vote, your voice won’t be heard) and to stress the seriousness and to provoke the uninterested voters to see the importance of politics, this was thought out. Lights would fly up the side of the walls of the narrow corridor at Dalgas Have in different changing colors and illuminate the building that will otherwise be dark. Dalgas have provides the perfect location with its length and narrowness, making the experience of the lighting show and sound of the DJ’s tones an surprisingly intimate scenery for the students who was sitting and standing around the catwalk in the middle of the corridor. A photographer was there to take pictures of the whole thing, promoting the impressive and grotesque scenery of muted models and political printed messages in fashion clothing going down the catwalk. Behind the curtain, separating the viewers from backstage, a stylist and a make-up artist were making sure the models’ look were worthy of a fashion show of Wood Wood caliber.

Purpose and visions of the project:

The purpose of the show is both to provide an intense experience for CBS’s many fashion interested students, but also to communicate the message of the importance of political participation to all CBS students in general.

Having such a famous brand as Wood Wood coming to CBS, is great promotion for CBS in general. The purpose is therefore also to create an image of CBS as an institution where the newest trends of fashion is maintained. The vision is to open up the door for students who are academically interested in fashion, as well as being the contact between the fashion world and students in order to attract more fashion interested students to CBS. The show will in this way create future long lasting value for a large number of students at CBS and for CBS in general. For Wood Wood as a brand to communicate this message to the fashion world, it is necessary for the show to be as professionally executed as possible. The coverage of the event on social medias and on the blog will contribute to the above for the students not participating in the event.

Finally, we want to thank everyone who participated and who helped make the event beautifully successful! Next week the style spotters will be spotting all the old and newly fashion interested students – so watch out for us!

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