Style Spotted at CBS: Week 8

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Hey Hey!

Have you noticed that there are many events on campus this week and especially on the past Thursday. We hope you have attended some of them such as the Open Day for Master Programme or the Blue Nexus! The theme of this week is hard to define since there were many interesting things to focus on, so we just came up with a theme of “Fizzy Thursday.” As usually, we snuck around campus,  searching for four lively students with great styles.

Name: Martin Danielsson1620372_4077618074586_881812010_n
Study program: MSc Accounting, Strategy and Control
Nationality: Swedish

Where do you normally shop?
I always go to Illum and I like a lot of Swedish brands or Danish brands that are stylish and without bright colors.
What is your theme color?
Well, look at me. I like plain colors like black, white, and a bit of burgundy color.
So you just came back from your exchange, how was it?

Overall it was very lovely. I met a lot of nice people, nice culture, and nice hospitalities. I also traveled a lot which was really great. Nothing to complain about!
How do you compare your student life in Copenhagen with life in Texas?
I would say people are more friendly over there. Their campus is huge and there are a lot of bars and events to attend like one Dallar beer nights. I think it is good here too but the climate was so warm there that I just went around with shorts and T-shirt.
Study tips?
In my opinion, don’t go to lectures or go maybe one or two times  just to get to know the subject or what the professor expects from you, but you should spend a lot of time with your books.

Name: Ran Ma1779119_4077617114562_1667326312_n
Study program: MSc Business Administration and Bio Entrepreneurship
Nationality: American/ Chinese

How do like CBS so far?
In general, it’s good here. I have always been in engineering schools so this is completely different. People at CBS are more friendly, more social and more stylish.
Why did you choose to come here?
Because Denmark is the happiest  place in the world! I traveled here before a couple of times and I just love the city. I felt like coming so I just came.
Where do you usually shop?
I don’t shop here. I shop solely online on mostly Ebay, Topshop, Zara, and Nastygal. But when I was in Chicago, I shopped everything there and everything with colors. Not a single clothing is black or a dark color!
What is your must have or must wear items in this weather?
A nice coat, a really nice one. I love fur coats and jackets because they keep you warm and you don’t look like a bubble. Also a nice black  shiny men’s watch and sunglasses.
So where did you get your jacket from?

1970592_4077617834580_2055037823_nName: Daniel Justin
Study program: BSc International Business and Politics
Nationality: German American

Where do you normally shop on a student budget?
I shop a lot at Zara, Acne, and Magasin. And maybe once in a while at Louis Vuitton for shoes.
How do you style yourself in this kind of weather?
I don’t like to wear thick winter jackets. I prefer a nice and stylish one that is in between winter and spring with a nice shirt and trousers.
How do you find the Master Program Open Day event?
It was very interesting and very helpful in getting an overview of different courses.
Do you have any specific courses you are interested in?
Maybe International Business, Human Research Management, and Applied Economics and Finance.
Study tips?
You should really think about your GPA from the first year because it is very important. You should also join some voluntary organizations or create some networks besides the study.


Name: 1970756_4077616354543_711078294_nHua Liu
Study program: MSc Service Management
Nationality: Chinese

How do you like your study program and CBS life so far?
I really like my programme even though it is quite intensive. I also like the facilities here such as the SP canteen and library. People here are very nice and very friendly.
Why did you choose to come to Denmark?
I wanted to go to somewhere with a different culture and language so I can feel like I’m abroad. Then I chose Denmark and have been here for more than seven years now!
Where do you usually shop?
If it is here, I always go to Stroget, Fisketorvet, or Fields.
What is your favorite colors?
White and black.
How would you describe this kind of weather in a color?

We hope you all keep up a great energy-level, it makes the cloudy campus so much brighter! Remember, we will be going around campus randomly being sneaky peaky, so watch out for us – the style spotters!
Ps. ps. There will be some structural changing for our Style Spotted at CBS posts.  Every last week of the month, we will take a break from being sneaky, but there will be cool fashion articles for you fashion lovers instead! Have a great fizzy weekend! :)

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