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A festival is the ultimate place to check out people’s style. Because a festival is all about  expressing yourself and trying new things, resulting in people who take more chances in terms of what they wear. Some of these leaps of faith and fashion lead to some pretty cool outfits. So what were people wearing at Roskilde Festival? Almost everywhere you looked, girls were strutting around in the typical Kate Moss style: high waist denim shorts, and a crop top with a high neck. Some of these girls gave the outfit a more 90′s vibe by looking a bit like Donna from Beverly Hills. There were also prints and patterns – especially floral – everywhere. Patterned dresses, patterned skirts and patterned shorts.  Guys were mostly sporting dress-shirts and shorts, some even with a matching set, or a normal t-shirt and shorts. For both genders, sneakers were everywhere as well, as they are the perfect shoe for jumping around at concerts, playing beer bowling and walking from camp to camp on the dusty paths. Many people wore caps too. A practical tip – throw your sneakers in the washing machine when you get home, they’ll be as good as new! I went around interviewing people about their Roskilde Fashion sense.


Name and age: Marie, 24

Occupation: Student at Designskolen Kolding

Style: Funky 90′s chick, with a twist

Essential Roskilde Festival clothing/accessory: Denim shorts

Best Roskilde Festival tip: Take good care of your stuff, especially your phone!

After giving her Roskilde Festival tip, Marie laughs, saying that she sounds so much like a mum. But it’s true – things can easily get stolen at a festival. Marie rocked the Kate Moss/90′s style, with a cool crop top, bare midriff and high-waisted denim shorts. I liked the fact that her shorts were grey/black instead of blue like what most people wore. The bandana was also “very Roskilde”, and you can see from her worn-out sneakers that she was not worried about getting a little dirt on them!


Name and age: Anders, 20

Occupation: Student at St. Andrews, studying Psychology

Style: Hazy and minimalistic

Essential Roskilde Festival clothing/accessory: Sunglasses

Best Roskilde Festival tip: Drink before you smoke (weed)

Anders was rocking the chill vibe, with a relaxed shirt, shorts and flip-flops. He spent a few minutes talking about how he had acquired the different items of clothing and how little they cost – for example the shorts were only 5 kroner! I liked that his cap was orange, as it embodied the “Orange Feeling”! As he pointed out, sunglasses are a must-have at any festival, not only to protect your eyes, but also to look good!


Name and age: Anne, 24

Occupation: Student at RUC, studying Sociology

Style: Feminine but relaxed

Essential Roskilde Festival clothing/accessory: Sunglasses

Best Roskilde Festival tip: Use sunscreen!

It looks like Anne has taken her own advice and used sunscreen as she hasn’t gotten burned from the sun, but has a healthy tan instead. One of the worst things at Roskilde Festival is if you accidentally fall asleep in the sun and wake up sunburnt! You’ll be red, it will be hard for you to sleep because of the heat from the burn, and your skin will peel off! Ouch! Anne’s style was both feminine, as she wore a skirt, and simple in a stylish way, as she paired black with white. The fact that her shirt was loose and that she was wearing sneakers showed the relaxed part of her style, and made it a comfortable outfit that you can walk around all day in! Sunglasses seems to be a popular favorite when it comes to accessories – but is that really a surprise when you are outdoors in the sun all day?!


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Name and age: Lisa, 21

Occupation: Student at CBS, studying Project Management (HA Pro)

Style: Luxury rock-chick

Essential Roskilde Festival clothing/accessory: Fannypack; the black bag she is wearing (“bæltetaske”)

Best Roskilde Festival tip: Wear layers!

Why is it smart to wear layers? Firstly, when you are outside all day, the temperature changes all the time. It could rain, it could be cloudy, it could be windy, or it could be sunny! Therefore, it’s smart to be able to put a layer on, or take a layer off to adjust to the weather change. An added bonus is that it looks super cool to wear lots of layers. The fannypack is an intelligent festival accessory, because it can store all your most valuable things, and you can keep an eye on it the whole time if you wear it around your chest like Lisa and Anne do! Everyone at Roskilde was wearing them – both guys and girls!  

 These are just a few fashionable people I spotted at Roskilde, but there were many, many more! I couldn’t help but get inspired by all the interesting outfits people had on, and combinations of different colours, patterns and accessories. Who needs a fashion magazine when you can just go to Roskilde Festival to see what the latest trends are?

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Sidsel Marie Lyhne is a first year masters student, studying Msc. International Marketing and Management. She's a journalist and reviewer of Copenhagen's Treasures, and former Editor-in-Chief of CBSLife. When she isn't travelling and making 100+ second snapchat stories, you'll find her at her regular bar, Nexus, with a beer (or two) in hand or dancing to Justin Bieber's latest hit.

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