Style Spotted at CBS: Dr. Martens Edition

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Dr. Martens boots seem to have attracted attention this past week on campus. And how can you not like these forever-lasting boots? With winter coming they become one of the best options to wear for walking around the city, so feel inspired by these different styles spotted at CBS:

15320373_1481071528574565_625673789_nName: Melissa Lykkehus

Nationality: Danish

Program: Master in Business Administration and Psychology

Description of the outfit:
Dr. Martens boots, tight leggings that I bought super cheap at Zara for around 10€ during my trip to Berlin, vintage leather jacket and KC Copenhagen red fur coat

Where do you find inspiration for you style?
I find inspiration in very different things. Sometimes just by watching people around me and having fun with fashion. It’s fun if you don’t take it too seriously. I like to match my outfit with the season and wear a colour.







Name: Christoph


Master in Brand and Communications Management

Description of the outfit:
Dr. Martens Boots. I like to wear white and black and sometimes add some colour. I like hoodies as well. I’m not a big trend follower, I wear what I like and do my own thing.

What style attracts you?
A unique style.

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