Style Spotted: Copenhagen Fashion Week SS’15

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Where: Copenhagen
When: 3rd to 8th of August 2014

Source: Zoe Toriello

Street style, glamour, and design are what Fashion Week is all about. This summer, from the 3rd to the 8th of August the Danish capital hosted the best new up-and-coming fashion designers and gave them the chance to present their Spring/Summer Collections 2015.

An atmosphere of uniqueness and excitement could be breathed in the Copenhagen air, the city that becomes the pillar of fashion media attention for a few days.

Every day a new fashion show, a new runway, a new event is on. The core of CFW SS ’15 was Forum (in Julius Thomsens Plads, 1 – Frederiksberg) where Gallery –that consider itself “an ambassador for a good, healthy and creative childhood” – hosted a giant trade fair. The fair offered a wide range of international brands, items and styles to meet every retailer’s taste- but while maintaining a common aspiration: developing a dynamic look and feeling.

Source: Zoe Toriello

A few steps beside Forum, the stage of The Royal Academy of Music (in Rosenørns Alle, 22 – Frederiksberg) got transformed into a runway.

Edith & Ella’s show took place there on the 7th of August at 16:00. A big panel on the stage was projecting colourful images of storms, fire and clouds and by this giving the idea of the inner power of its Spring/Summer Collection 2015.

The clothes perfectly balanced the combination of Danish design and the colours of summer- yellow, blue, pink, and flower themes. Models were walking to the beats of an emergent French band: Tele Rouge, which actually performed on stage during the grand finale.

After the show, the Mercedez Benz’s stand –right outside the building- served sparkling white wine and played lounge music: the perfect atmosphere after such a cool runway.
At CBS we are proud of every student’s achievements- even when it concerns fashion. I had the pleasure to interview Neil Johnson, a second year student in BSc. International Business who had the great opportunity to be part of Barbara I Gongini’s Fashion Show.

Source: Less Magazine

Can you describe the atmosphere backstage before the show?

“When you first arrive the atmosphere is really relaxed, people are very friendly and joking around. You are immediately taken to your rack of clothes and introduced to the dresser. Once you have worn your outfit, you are directed to different stations: hair, make up etc. Then, we had a rehearsal that was relaxing and funny, but as the clock winds down designers and stylists start getting stressed and people get quieter. But as soon as the show starts you isolate yourself to get into the character for the collection”


What feelings  did the collection give you?

“This Spring/Summer 2015 collection, like all other Barbara I Gongini’s collections, transmitted a dark, lost and edgy feel. All us models  wore pale makeup with dark shades around the eyes to give a sense of being undead and drained”.


Is it hard to combine your studies in business and your passion in modelling?

“My modelling career started this year and so far it hasn’t been an issue- I’ve only missed one class and most of the time the dates are fairly flexible. Luckily Copenhagen Fashion Week takes place during my winter and summer breaks so it does not interfere my studies at all”.



Copenhagen Fashion Festival should not be forgotten. During the same days as the Fashion Week, the centre of Copenhagen was full of stands and trucks representing different brands. The main idea is giving everyone the chance to feel like a model for one day.

This year’s representatives were Trés Emme Danmark- where hairdressers were giving free hairstyles and hair products; Pilgrim Jewellery whose spot became a real photoset where you got the possibility to take a picture wearing their new jewellery collection and Carrera which offered the coolest Dj-set.

Every year hundreds of volunteers help out during the Copenhagen Fashion Week – it is a once-in-a-life experience to expand your network, to get the opportunity to go behind the scene of the fashion industry…and it is so much fun! Do you want to become a volunteer for next season’s Copenhagen Fashion Week? Apply Now here.  Copenhagen Fashion Week will come back again in January to present the Autumn/Winter 2015 Collections  – don’t miss it! 

About the Author :

Zoe is a 19-years old Italo Brazilian. She travelled to Copenhagen last year for the first time to start her BSc in International Business. She speaks five languages, plus she is learning Danish. When she is not attending class, you can find her at Nexus sipping Vanilla Chai Latte with Soy Milk listening to R&B on Spotify. Her idea of "chilling" is laying by the lakes (Søerne) with a bottle of white wine, a box of strawberries and a couple of friends.

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