Summer Throwback: Roskilde Festival Anno 2015

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With the dark, cold and stressful days upon us, we found it fitting to dream ourselves away to awarmer, easier time in our lives. This year, CBSLife was lucky enough to participate in one of Denmark’s greatest highlights of the year – ROSKILDE FESTIVAL.

Socializing with great old friends, making fun new friends for a week, surrounded by world class music experiences and top class food, all in a sustainable environment. There is so much more to this festival than you can ever imagine – And lucky for us, they’ve already started announcing the acts for RF16, so it doesn’t seem all that long time away.



The Festival

The festival is incomparable, and is best described as another parallel universe. At the festival, there are different camping areas, each labeled with a letter. These areas are unique with their own distinct cultures, just like little separate villages. Within these, each group of guests have their own camp with their own name and objectives for the week. Some are there mainly for the many spectacular concerts, while some are there mainly to hang out, drink and smoke in the camps. In addition to the concerts and camps, the festival has numerous events to offer, including everything from the nude running competition, foam party and balloon party  all the way to the beer relay race. These events and competitions take place all over the festival, and can be found either by just walking around or by being well-connected through Facebook. The ticket to this must-participate event, costs a mere 1.980,- kr.

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The Concerts

It is no secret, that the main reason to go to Roskilde Festival is for the jungle of concerts. The official program starts Wednesday, but the warm-up days begin already during the Saturday of the week before. These days are not to be underestimated nor missed. The largest names this year were Paul McCartney, Kygo, Disclosure, Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell Williams, Bikstok, Suspekt, Damon Albarn and so many more. Then you might ask – “well, do they really live up to their reputations”? In my opinion, each and every one of them was fantastic.

I admit to know more or less nothing about music. I do however have the advantage of being open to everything, and therefore spent the music days listening to as many concerts as possible.

I am a big Kygo fan, and his concert at Apollo was an absolute must for me to see, even though it was at 2 am. Despite the many journalists’ less than flattering words about the concert, there was no doubt in neither my mind nor the rest of the audience’s, Kygo knew how to throw a party. From the moment it began and all the way till the end, everyone was dancing and having a blast. Even after his encore, it seemed like the audience refused to let him leave, and he had to play yet another encore, singing Take on Me. Definitely one of the best concerts I have ever been to.

Pede B also put on a fantastic show with a great mix of their own songs, and with a number of guest performers, including LOC and Ankerstjerne. I personally did not anticipate attending this concert, but nevertheless they caught my interest the second Pede B asked the audience to hold up anything they had on them. He then proceeded, on the spot, to compose a freestyle rap about the different objects, including an over-sized plastic corona bottle and a package of digestive crackers. People were mosh-pitting, and the atmosphere was so intense!!



Disclosure was another performer that put on a great show. Everyone was dancing, climbing on to guys shoulders to get the best view and the atmosphere was top notch.

Kendrick Lamar cemented his position as the king of rap anno 2015.  He threw an unstoppable stream of hits in the audience’s face, and they all responded by singing and rapping along. His massive hit ”Swimming Pool” was the highlight of the concert and from there on there was no way back.

Paul McCartney was nothing but brilliant. There could have been no better way to end the festival.

The concerts are all very diverse, and there are plenty of opportunities to see not only the big names, but also smaller upcoming DJs, especially during the warm-up days. You will find that, at Roskilde, you don’t just see the concerts that best match your taste in music, but the festival will magically drag you to new unexplored genres, and usually with a great result. Whether you are into hardcore electronic or soft world-music, you will have a good time.


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The Food

As most people live at the festival for a full week, there is something besides beer which is utterly important for survival; food. At Roskilde Festival you won’t just find the basic burger and fries to go along with your half warm can of beer.

Very naively, I packed a bag of rye bread, around 12 cans of tuna/mackerel, juice, crackers and pineapple thinking I would be able to save some money or  in case I couldn’t find any food. In the end I did not even consume half of it, and had to throw it out since it got hot in the tent and just seemed so boring compared to anything else at the festival.



Indeed, much better and more delicious fast-food could be found, and you are never more than 200 meters from a nice greasy burger, but the food culture at Roskilde Festival is about so much more than just getting full. It is literally a mecca for food. For instance the Danish michelin star restaurant “Kiin-Kiin” has a stand where you can try their Red Curry for a mere 65 kroner. Another great treasure was Copenhagen pizza place Gorm’s. Also, the famous Thai Lanna can be found near the Orange-stage and the line was always massive. Though, it is worth the wait. Finally “The Red Bus” serves pork-sandwiches with “rødkål”(red cabbage) and various dressings. They are not to be missed! It is possible to eat healthy, but let’s be real, you drink so many beers that it won’t matter much what you eat anyway.

In addition to this, there are several pop-up events regarding food, were you can either try a number of different meals or make it yourself with the aid of professional cooks. So foodies, do not be afraid – in case you don’t like the music, there are always new foods to try!

The People and the area

One piece of common understanding at Roskilde is that people do not judge each other. Nobody will judge you for not looking your best, and people really accept you exactly for who you are. Even though outfits at first appear to be a little off, everyone still looks cool and collected. People also do not judge you for eating fast-food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is just life at Roskilde.

You can also blame it on the missing luxury of having your own shower, but then again, who wouldn’t enjoy a week where people do not judge you for not showering. This is also probably because you all smell like beer. You have to wait in line sometimes for hours if you want hot water, and after finishing your shower, you somehow stand out from everyone else for looking almost too clean. Adding on to this, the bathrooms aren’t exactly a dance on roses. However, we still love Roskilde.



Sleeping in a tent was something I was massively looking forward to. However, it was not such a pleasant affair when it actually came to it. Going to bed at four, trying to sleep but can’t because it is too noisy with all the parties going on just outside and on top of it all freezing your bum off. Then finally it gets quiet around 6.30am, or as quiet as it gets when at 7am it becomes unbearabley hot to sleep and you are being baked like a potato in the oven. At this point the only thing you want to do is go and lay outside so you can breathe. When you finally get outside the sun is up and you neighbor has surely started up the boombox again.

Still, there is nothing better than being at Roskilde Festival, surrounded by friends knowing that the rest of the day will be spent hanging out, listening to fantastic concerts and eating good food. I loved it and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


The Gimmicks

Festivals are also as much about the little gimmicks you can bring. I was particularly fan of the pee-cup for girls, enabling girls to do their thing just as easily as guys. I also loved the beer-case-cave, where you dig a deep hole in the ground, and place beers in it to keep them cold.

My favorite however, is the new sustainable beer-cycling. In Danish the concept is called “Fra pis til Pilsner”, that is, from pee to beer. Basically a number of slurry tanks are being set up around the festival for guys to pee in, and the content of the tanks will be emptied on the malting barley fields. This means, that in 2017, the guests will be able to drink beer on the festival, that was produced by using their own pee. It is also sustainable, due to the fact that the urine otherwise can be very straining on the environment…. and on the noses of the guests.



So all that’s left to say is thank you to everyone and everything that made this an unforgettable week. We’re so so excited for next year and have already begun counting down the days – only 227 days to go!


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