The Story of CBS Wine and How They Will Get You To Drink

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Who said: ““The French are so proud of their wines that they’ve given some towns the same name as a great vintage?”

Although you might not know, the members of CBS Wine do. One of the finer clubs on campus, they have been making CBS more classy since 2010. They recently attended the Left Bank Bordeaux Cup, which tests students knowledge on various wines through trivia. CBS proudly walked away with Bronze having beaten out age-old schools such as Cambridge and St. Andrews.

At home here in Denmark, however, they have a much simpler goal: to make wine available to everyone. In an interview with one of the founders, Peter Buch Hansen, he explained that the inspiration from the club came from wanting to make wine less intimatidating. It’s not hard to agree with him. Most of us are naive when it comes to making a decent wine selection. Standing in the supermarket or a wine store can be overwhelming with little differentiation between the bottles, grapes, and taste. If you’re like me, you probably pick the bottle with the prettiest label. CBS Wine wants to put a stop to this. Wine tasting by wine tasting they are trying to demystify the selection process.

Since it’s inception two years ago, CBS Wine has been gaining momentum. Evidence of this was their popularity at the Student Society Day (we attribute this to more than just the free drinks) and the popularity of their events. Up until now, they have been hosting regular wine tastings sometimes with a theme, sometimes not. The way it works is that students can purchase a ticket online. For this price, they are invited to a wine tasting where they can sample a variety of bottles. Throughout the evening, students have the chance to discuss the different kinds of wine and speak to representatives in order to insure that all questions are answered. Students also have the chance to buy their favorite bottles of the night at discounted prices.

But don’t be fooled! When CBS Wine holds an event, it’s not all about the “mossy” taste of the wine or your ability to drop other dazzling descriptors. Instead, the focus is on having fun, networking, and figuring out what you like whether that be red or white.

Today marks the beginning of a new event for the club. They will be holding their first ever Wine Festival tonight featuring 50 different bottles. The event is no doubt going to be a success, especially considering that the 150 tickets sold out in less than 48 hours.

If you are not fortunate enough to be going tonight, make sure that you like CBS Wine’s page on Facebook. That’s where they announce all their events and other important information. The club expects to hold four more wine tastings before the winter break in January including a special Christmas one.

With CBS Wine’s great recommendations in mind, maybe this year’s gift list won’t be so hard to figure out. You’re bound to impress your boss, friends, or that special someone with your excellent taste in wine (or at least get them a little tipsy in the process).

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