Thursday Track – “Bring You Back” by Beacon

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Welcome back, peoples! My exams frustration is really taking root as is my inability to really connect with anything new. Maybe i’m just too lodged in old genres and what not to let go and try something new. I don’t think that’s the case but i just haven’t been able to really get into a lot of newer stuff lately.

Our lead off track this week has been stuck in my head since Ghostly International released in on their youtube channel. “Bring You Back” by Beacon has shares a close similarity to the later works of Radiohead. Chilled out, quiet and mesmerizing, perfect for those late night rendezvous. You be the judge.

The rest of this weeks playlist are oldies but goodies.

First we have one my favorite french art-punk songs, Panik by Metal Urbain. The video is just straight up gold. From the totally awesome dancing of Clode Panik to the totally fake guitar strumming of Hermann Schwartz and Pat Luger, and ridiculousness of Eric Debris’s shirt and shoulder shaking while on the synths. The band, according to wikipedia, was formed back in 1976 and died out in 1980 only to be reformed in 2003. What they’re doing now, i have no idea but Panik is straight fucking awesome.

Finally we have “I Wanna Be Your Lover” by La Bionda. The supposed inventors of Italian Disco, these brothers created this gem of a music video back in 1980 back when most your parents were still blowing lines and thinking about how they never wanted kids. Anyway, something about this track, maybe how hilarious it is, makes it quite catchy. I dunno, just check it out.

For those of you finishing up retakes or preparing your Thesis proposals like my IB Brethren, here’s something for you

Till next week, kiddies!

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