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I must admit, last week I was a bit unprepared for the start of the new year of Thursday Tracks. I spent most of January partying and trying to recall all the new songs I heard while home in New York. Furthermore, I was completely unaware of my new responsibilities as the de facto Thursday Track dude. With that being said, I’d like to introduce you to the new Thursday Track(s)

I’ve had a lot of songs grab my attention this week, mainly in the ambiguous “electronica” genre and seeing as I like making playlist, no longer will there be just one song/music video posted per thursday but as many as I get my greedy little fucking hands on (insert metal fingers here)!

Our Primary track this week is Baauer’s “Harlem shake”. If you don’t know this song then get ready. This thing is going viral with people dancing to it and rightly so, it’s insanely catchy. I feel the need to post this first because i haven’t been able to turn it off since I woke up this morning.

And now for the playlist

Cirrus by Bonobo (See video above)

Bonobo’s “Cirrus” from the upcoming album “The North Borders” has this chilled out vibe perfect for the Copenhagen winter weather and is available for free download at ( The video is this amazing edit of what appears to be old american television shows like Shirley Temple.

Aphrodite by Phèdre
This song was sent to me by a dear friend in Berlin. As with most of today’s tracks, it’s very surreal and left me feeling woozy. I must have an addiction to feeling inebriated.

Better Man Than He by Sivu
4 hours in a MRI machine sounds horrifying but supposedly that’s what it took for this music video to be completed. As scary as that sounds, i think it was totally worth it because this video alone is fantastic

Ice Stopped by Express Rising
A fan made video for a very chilled out song using an old, old skateboard video.

As my friend Jeppe once told me, “If procrastination was an offered course, I’d give you a 12″ I’ll try harder with the information next week, kiddies. For now, try and have fun and make sure to learn the Harlem Shake, it’s coming back with force.

Tune In Next Week

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