Thursday Track “Jealousy” by The Purist featuring Danny Brown

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Welcome back, friends. Hope all is well, ALLLLLLRIGHTY then. This week we’ve got a special sale on Hip-Hop. Noisey has been busy pumping out music videos and scored well on my list with two particularly nice rap tracks.

Our lead off track this week is by the one and only, Danny muthafuckin’ Brown (the muthafuckin’ is not required but recommended). With a Biggie Smalls sample right off the bat, you know the track is going to be good. Not to mention it goes without saying that Danny Brown is just absolutely ridiculous on the mic.

Keeping up with old school video styles is “Ballad of the War Machine” by Midnight Juggernauts. To be honest, it’s the intro and video that caught me but of course I stayed for the track.

I’m just gonna throw this out there, if you rock a fitted with the Dutch Masters logo on it, you’re legit. If you’ve never heard of Aaron Cohen, this track’s for you. “Potential Fans” is straight up dirty; Chilled out, blunt smoking music with a catchy ass chorus.

And to cap off this week’s little play list, I give you the latest video from one of my favorite rappers, the one, the only RiFF RaFF! I fucking love this dude, he’s ridiculously talented. “GOLD CHAiN SWANGiN” is another beauty for the blunt.

I don’t really have much to say this week so spark that, park rat! The sun’s coming! tune in next week!!!!!!

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