Thursday Track – My Panda Shall Fly ft. Adventure Elephant “Opening Embrace”

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Hello again, kiddies! Thursday is back again and just as last week I’m so ridiculously unprepared. Kidding, I have been awake since 8am Wednesday so I’m just a bit out of it at the moment. Therefore the lead off track this week will be this super weird but somehow captivating music video by My Panda Shall Fly and Adventure Elephants called “Opening Embrace”. It’s as if Wes Anderson decided he was going to do music videos for electronica music in the style of his film The Royal Tenenbaums. Watch it, listen to it, and embraces the weirdness.

Second up is a new track by one of my favorite rappers right now, Action Bronson. I swear this man could turn a turd into gold then turn the gold into the most amazing steak dinner. His creativity and rhymes are just beyond anything out there right now. There’s no video, just the track so try and listen close.

So literally 5 minutes after I submitted last week’s Thursday Track, Noisey released Snoop Lion AKA Snoop Dogg’s latest single. The track called “Here Comes the King” features Major Lazer and Angela Hunte. I honestly still don’t know how to feel about this song let alone the video.

It’s a weak week, kids, but the weekend’s almost here. Here’s your Valentine’s Day track

Tune in next week

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