Thursday Track ON A FRIDAY!?!? it’s Django Django!

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Hello again my imaginary readers. I come to you this week TOTALLY drugged up as I am super ill. And not like Biggie Smalls ill but like actually infected with some nonsense. It is for this reason, amongst others, that I’m scarily late like your girlfriend’s period.


Now, as I was lurking around the internet this morning I came across Django Django’s self-titled studio album on YouTube! Now, I’ve never heard of these guys but I decided to give it a listen as I mosey around the web. I must say I’m quite pleased with this decision. Perhaps it’s because I can’t feel my face right now or because the the walls are churning like butter or perhaps it’s because it’s a fucking DE-CENT album (i’ve been watching a lot of Trailer Park Boys hence my use of “decent” as a way of saying awesome).

Django Django is from UK and has only their self-titled album to their credit so far. But hot DAMN is it nice. Imagine The Beach Boys on tons of acid being chased by indigenous people through a jungle with a synthesizer. A fantastic blend of harmonies with heavy hitting drums and the perfect touch of surfer styled guitar. This album is solid through and through, it’s up beat, interesting, and totally groove-able.

Seriously, kiddies, do yourselves a favor and give it a listen, it’ll give you nice summer feel for these rare sunny days we’ve been having.

Till next week week, my lovelies.

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