Thursday Track(s) – “Open Eye Signal” by Jon Hopkins

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Back again this week with another Thursday Track and playlist for y’all and lets just jump right into it

Leading off this week is “Open Eye Signal” by Jon Hopkins. If you follow these postings semi-regularly, you’ll see that I have general themes consistent in terms of music and videos. Here again we have a very surreal  (for me at least) video to follow along side this dream like track. As the description says on youtube “a skateboarding odyssey in the desert”. The track it self keeps a nice tempo with an airy, light background. Both the video and the music give a very meditative feel.

If i had to pick a theme song for my life right now, it would be “Pleasance (WDGAF)” by Kool & Kass. A chill, laid-back track with a catchy chorus. Kool & Kass keep it witty but calm matching the instrumental perfectly. Reminds me of summer evenings…

Next up is A$AP Ferg’s track “Persian Wine”. Straight up hypnotic, Ferg brings the heat with his rhymes and intensity that’ll really grab you and get you moving. Favorite line: “get in your skin, like a dermatologist”. I feel the urge to get a grill now…

With a change of pace, here’s “Pretty Boy” by Young Galaxy. I’ve never heard anything from Young Galaxy before but this is a wonderfully melodic and dance-able tune perfect for a day at the park. Super catchy and uplifting, I’m definitely going to keep an ear out for them.

I feel like i need to put something heavier in today to break up this trancy sort of situation. Last up is Thee Oh Sees with “Toe Cutter-Thumb Buster”. This track is fucking awesome. Something about the guitar riff really makes me want to go out for a day rager. The track reminds me a lot of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, its something to do with Brigid Dawson’s singing as well as the guitars. It kicks some serious ass.

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