Top 5 Vegan Places in Copenhagen

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Being a vegan a Copenhagen is not that easy as it is in our neighbor countries, but luckily, it is getting better and better.

We all know how healthy it is to include more vegetables and fruits in our diet so even if you are not vegan or vegetarian, this article might be interesting for you too.

I will share with you my top five favorites vegan places in Copenhagen, where you can find amazing plant-based food and of course, also get some “hygge” with your friends!


1. Souls

Located in Østerbro and under the slogan of ”Eat like you give a fork” it is absolutely one of the favorites of the Copenhagen vegan and non-vegan community. (To date ranking #1 in TripAdvisor)

Here you can indulge with an amazing brunch plate, burgers, and other delicious vegan dishes. Why do I recommend this place? The atmosphere in the restaurant is super cozy, the staff is friendly and in the summer you can sit at the tables outside enjoying a smoothie and the sun.


Via: Souls


2. Simple Raw

The food here is not only ”raw” as its name suggests. I tried the warm burger with vegan cheese and it’s definitely one of my favorites. The place is furnished with a Scandi-style and is located practically in the heart of Copenhagen.

I was so happy to discover this place and I am expecting to come back soon!


Via: Simple Raw


3. Café N

A small, warm and welcoming restaurant in Nørrebro. What I love about this place is that the prices are student-budget friendly and the food is tasty and filling. The street where it is located is also very interesting for walking and exploring!


Via: Cafe N


4. 42 Raw

You can find this restaurant in three different locations and one of them is just across Solbjerg Plads! It has been one of my chosen places to go after a long class to enjoy one of their sandwiches or cakes, which are full of flavor. Besides Frederiksberg Center, you can find 42 Raw in the Inner City and the Waterfront Center in Hellerup.


Via: 42 Raw


5. Astrid och Apornas

This one is actually a store but you don’t have to worry about checking all the ingredients as it is 100% vegan! It is a Swedish brand, it offers a wide variety of products and it is also located very close to CBS (Solbjerg Plads). The service here is very friendly and the products are of high quality. They recently opened a restaurant called Astrid och Apornas Spiseri but I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting yet. The restaurant is located in Jægersborgsgade 39.


Via: Astrid och Apornas


Go out and explore these awesome vegan places, and tell me your favorite in the comments.

About the Author :

Tania Godoy studies Cand.merc Brand and Communication Management and is originally from Argentina and has lived the last four years in Copenhagen. She is the founder of the vegan website, because she is passionate about healthy, tasty vegan food

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  • Lea Backes
    November 7, 2016 - Reply

    How wonderful to see an article on this. As a fellow vegan from CBS, would also like to mention some of my favorites: Video-Video at Christianshavn and Govinda (indian food) , and Ambrosias have (ayurvedic, not vegan but pure, veg, as some of the dishes have dairy, but just ask). Also for those who like to eat vegan but have a hard time getting other people to go meat, dairy and egg free, the following serve vegan food while also having meat dishes: Woo Wok, Riz Raz, Express Pizza, Llama, Green sushi, Harbo bar, Von Fressen, Kalaset, atlas bar, the south indian, Lygten, Wagamama, Thai Pan, Maxburger and Halifax to just mention some. Thank you for making it easier to find vegan food in CPH :)

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