Top Places to Waste the Summer Days Away

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Summer is about to knock on your door, and it’s time to put those board games back in the cabinet and get outside. Here are some of the top relaxation ideas for you to spend time outside and get your mind off of work and school.

Surfing, Windsurfing and SUP

”When it comes to the sea, the sky is the limit”The sea is the perfect playground to get your mind off everything, but yourself. Body surfing, windsurfing or stand up paddling are all three sports that combine using your own strength to compete with the strongest element on earth – water. Surfing is an amazing straddle between the laid-back surf culture and the rule-based environment of the sailing culture.

Experience the unique surf culture in Vedbæk, who also arranges a number of interesting events, the latest posted one being a SUP competition up Mølleåen. Nivå Surf Club also offers great equipment and instruction for all levels, and is among the largest clubs in Denmark.

Skate Park

Skateboarding originally arose from the surf culture on the US west coast near Venice Beach.
It started out as a trend where the wheels from the side-by-side roller blades were monitored to the surfboards and this today has developed into a elongated rectangle which has been rounded off in the corners.

Take a ride in the new skate park in Helsingør or in the cool park near Fælledparken. Hang out with your friends and enjoy the good weather. Alternatively, go for a ride along Amager Strandpark or through the city of Taarbæk and make a turn through the old Taarbæk School which was originally founded in 1821.


What better way to turn your brains off and relax than fishing. Find a lake or rent a boat, bring a picnic bag and spend the day in good company with friends.

When getting a fish on the hook, you will for sure get the kick and feel the action. In the meantime, take a nap under a shade tree and enjoy the fresh air. Bring a Frisbee or an American Football or skip stones – but don’t scare the fish away. Depending on the time you go fishing, watch sunrise or sunset.

Find any lake near your, or rent at boat in Helsingør and enjoy the view over Sweden and the beautiful castle of Kronborg.

BBQ for the Win!

Make a BBQ with your buddies outside on the terrace in the backyard. The warm air and the colorfulness of the outdoor environment will be a sure winner, and it only takes a little time, effort and preparation to set up for a BBQ. Green salad, potato salad, veggie shish kebabs, and a big juicy piece of meat marinated in your favorite BBQ sauce will be a big hit. Fire up the grill, bring out the cold beer and tune into some fiesta, jazz or country music to create the perfect atmosphere.

If you live in an apartment, go to fælledparken and bring your own grill, or go to Amager Strandpark, feel the sand between your toes and enjoy the view over the sea as well as the many people passing by on the board walk.

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has a bachelor degree in B.Sc. International Business at the Copenhagen Business School. She is currently getting her second bachelor degree in Law at University of Copenhagen, in order to become a lawyer. She is originally from the Whiskey Belt in Northern Sealand and lived as well as studied a year on the east coast of US and six months on the west coast. She enjoys all sorts of sport, especially playing tennis, windsurfing and all other water sports and additionally loves traveling the world.

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