Top Procrastination Websites During Exams

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Studying is hard. When it feels like your brain is going to over load with too much information, check out these websites for what we hope is a hard earned break.

1 ) 9Gag – Photos guaranteed to make you laugh.

2)  Awkward Family Photos - We ALL have them. Let’s just hope yours is still locked away in that closet and not uploaded to this site.

3 ) Post Secret – One of the coolest, most viral movements ever started, Post Secret encourages people all over the world to anonymously send in their secrets no matter what they may be. Sometimes heartbreaking sometimes happy and sometimes disturbing, this site will help knock you out of the studying blues.

4 ) Fuck My Life - You may have seen it before, but it never gets old. For all those times when you felt like the scum of the earth.

5 ) Texts From Last Night – Find yourself daydreaming about freedom and partying? This site with help you relive those days vicariously through others. People send in the drunken messages resulting in some pretty hilarious moments.

6 ) Wimp – These guys spend all day everyday searching for the best videos the internet has to offer. Five new ones are uploaded each day and there’s always one that will put a smile on your face.

7 ) TEDx – Depending on how much of a procrastinator you are, TEDx offers anywhere from 5 minute to 20 minute talks of amazing people doing amazing things. It’ll help remind you why you started studying in the first place and inspire you to keep on going.

8 ) Face in a Hole – Best way to get revenge on your teachers? We think so.

9 ) Elf Yourself - ’nuff said

10) SLAC - Finally, need a study playlist? Inspirational quote? This website is tailored to help keep your head in the game so that you can “Study Like a Champion” and ace those exams.

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Analisa Winther is studying Cand.merc Management of Innovation and Business Development. She is a GLOBE Scholar and holds a Bsc in International Business. Fun fact: she also founded CBSLife. Half Danish and half America, Analisa loves entrepreneurship, food, traveling, and a great story. You can most likely find her sitting at DARE2mansion or searching for her next adventure. Follow her on Twitter @analisawin!

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    March 22, 2012 - Reply

    how about

  • Kinia Kolarz
    December 18, 2011 - Reply

    2 Polish websites I strongly recommend: – epic shit :) some stuff is in Polish though. still worth checking out. – the most “masakra” pix ppl post in the internet!! funny and ugly at once! :p

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