Types of bike parking at CBS

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1.Early Bird

Via: Pierce Ricketts

There is no injustice greater than being forced to drag your half-awake body to CBS at 8am, but the universe gives you one compensation. This is the time when there is free range of spots available. Park your bike with pride, you’ve earned this spot.

2. Fighter

Via: Pierce Ricketts

Parking places are going fast but there’s still a chance. There isn’t enough for everyone arriving so it’s survival of the fittest. You may have to aggressively cut some other cyclists off, you may have to bump into some pedestrians or run over small animals: but no one can get between you and parking your bike.

3.The Layerer

Via: Pierce Ricketts

Maybe the “actual bike” parking is all filled up but that’s not a problem. What is a parked bike if not another form of bike rack? What about the space in between bikes on the rack? It’s just the CBS way to optimize the use of real estate. Bikes packed together like sardines are just a sign of efficiency. And hey it’s not like the people who parked theie bikes before you actually want to leave right?

4.The Creative One

Via: Pierce Ricketts

Sure you could arrive early, or fight for a place at the bike rack; or you could just think different. If you try hard enough anything is a bike rack. A pole could have a bike locked to it. A flowerpot could have a bike leaned against it it. Trees? Natures bike rack. Public art? Your bike just adds to the beauty of it. Someone checking their phone? Go for it they are vertical enough!

5.The latecomers

Via: Pierce Ricketts

There are no spots left,
There are no rules
Anything goes
If it’s flat, if it’s empty -
It’s bike parking.

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