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Name: Tammy Mtchedlishvili

CBS study programme: BA in Information Management

Exchange University: University of Limerick

Location: Limerick, Ireland

What is the University of Limerick like?


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Limerick has been gifted with a beautiful and massive university. First of all I should mention that Limerick is the third largest city of Ireland and is also considered one of the biggest student cities, with several universities. The university of Limerick is around 3-4 km outside of the city center. It consists of around a dozen of buildings across the campus, which besides the study facilities includes a sports arena with a massive gym as well as 50 m swimming pool. The university is also “equipped” with a very well functioning and active Students Union, which is full of a large variety of student societies and sports groups. The university campus is also full of restaurants and coffee places like Subway, Starbucks and Java City Coffee. The university does not fall far from the Irish traditions, so having a couple of traditional pubs on campus is no surprise. During the daytime they’ll serve you proper Irish breakfast and lunch (with beer) and at night the loud music comes on.

How is the social life? Was it difficult to make friends?

Having a social life at UL is basically guaranteed. With the massive amount of Erasmus and international students it is impossible not to find likeminded people. Although, it is worth mentioning that befriending Irish people is more of a challenge. Most Irish people are awfully friendly once you talk to them but unless you are out drinking they won’t approach you. Most Irish students keep to themselves and their groups. But as long as you show the initiative, you will be fine.


Source: Tammy Mtchedlishvili

(My absolutely amazing roommates and friends at the Stables Bar on campus)

What is your impression of Ireland? What is the culture like?

People are awfully polite and friendly in Ireland. They will go out of their way to help you in any way possible. They are also very chatty so don’t expect to get bored. Other than that the Irish culture itself shown in its rich history and nature is something to look forward to. Whether it’s cliffs of Moher, or the Bunratty Castle, you are going to enjoy it all.

Are there any language issues?

There are no language issues as of, but the Irish do tend to speak quickly. It’s not a big problem though, after a couple of weeks you get used to it and even find humor in what they are saying, ‘cause boy they say some funny things.

What is accommodation like? Do you live at the school or do you need to find your own apartment?


Goody Student Park
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As said above Limerick is a student city, therefore it is filled with student accommodations both on and off campus. Personally I live off campus at Groody Student Park, which is absolutely amazing. It is around 20 minutes walk to UL, ten minutes walk to Aldi and with a liquor store right across from the gates. Be aware that you should book your student accommodation as early as possible. I prefer living off campus because the guards here do not disrupt our parties as oppose to on campus accommodations.

Which electives are you taking on exchange, and do you like them so far?

At UL you take 5 electives for 30 ECTS, so 6 for each. You have to take 3 from your faculty and the other two may be from anywhere you want. I am taking 3 business courses, which are perfectly satisfactory. Although expect midterms and papers through out the semester rather than in the end of it. The grades are usually divided in percentages on different assignments and exams for some of them on attendance as well. I am also taking creative writing and visual culture which I am also quite happy with. The one difference I’ve noticed is that (at least with my study program at CBS) is that the subjects are much more practical and you get to do a lot of things yourself.

What are the fundamental differences between CBS and the uni you’re on exchange at?

I think the biggest difference is that CBS is a business school and UL is a university for all faculties, which means that you meet so many different types of people. Also UL is much, much bigger. On the other hand students are much better dressed at CBS, because 80% of student at UL walk around in sweatpants.

What about exchange has been the best so far?

The best thing about coming to Limerick has been meeting all of these amazing people that will remain in my life forever. When you are away from all of your friends and family, the people you meet here become your family.

Why should other students from CBS go to Limerick for exchange?

You should come to Limerick because it is the best thing that you’ll ever do both academically and socially!

About the Author :

Tammy is a third year Information Management student, the study program she very randomly chose, but has come to enjoy and even love. Tammy has been living in Denmark for about eight years. The Danish culture has worked its way through and accommodated itself in her heart by now, even though it is very different from her own Georgian culture. When she is not geeking over fantasy and apocalyptic fiction, she enjoys the company of her dear friends and classmates with or with out alcohol involvement. Tammy is fairly creative, or at least she’d like to think so. She paints and draws weird pictures when she is not being choked by homework or other evil distractions and some day hopes to exhibit them. All in all Tammy is a happy and friendly person… ☺

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