Welcome Back THURSDAY TRACK! “The Cigarette Duet” By Princess Chelsea

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Welcome back, my pets, to another year of last minute music reviews from a socially out-of-touch skate rat.

Oh how I’ve missed you so, my darlings.

I’ve chosen an album for us today by Princess Chelsea from New Zealand. The album entitled “Lil’ Golden Book” was released back in 2011 by Lil’ Chief Records.

As I sit here working through the album, I find myself at a loss for words. The lead off track “Machines of Loving Grace” is an instrumental intro which lays down a very ethereal electronic melody very similar to what you’d imagine a Tim Burton “fairy tale” sound track would have. This lead off track seems to paint a picture for the rest of the album, one of a fanatasy, fairy tale world; private and personal. The second track “Yulia” continues with this idea; simplicity in instrumentation while the calm singing and conversational lyrics create an empty, distressed feel.

This tone carries on throughout most of the album until the 6th track “The Cigarette Duet featuring Jonathan Bree“. Still very “weird fairy tale” feeling but much more catchy. The album changes from a very echo-y, one-on-one vibe to a more engaged sound but still very “Tim Burton fairy tale”. However, it’s not until “Frack” that I re-awaken and not until “Goodnight Little Robot Child” that I begin to appreciate her style of music with this album. But then it’s over. All that follows after is a reprise of her track “Ice Reign” which didn’t catch my ear to begin with.

The Cigarette Duet” inspired me to give this album a listen and after hearing the whole thing, here are my favorite tracks: #6 “The Cigarette Duet“, #10 “Goodnight Little Robot Child“, #9 “Frack“. Outside from this, I wasn’t impressed. Perhaps I’m not feeling quirky enough for this kind of music but I just felt so uninspired.

Anyways, tell me what you think! Otherwise, till next week, people!

P.S. This is how I discovered Princess Chelsea

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