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When exams get close, sometimes it’s better not to stay cooped up at home. Staying home can come with a multitude of distractions from tempting food like mom’s home cooking to chores like cleaning your room or doing the laundry, which suddenly become a lot more appealing. Whether you are a night owl or prefer to study during the day, CBS offers a few places to escape to when you need to buckle down and concentrate.

Solbjerg Plads

While the biggest and most practical building, Solbjerg Plads is also one of the most frustrating places on campus. There is almost never a spot to eat in the cafeteria and the library can be equally as difficult to navigate. While students rarely hesitate to steal a study seat that they didn’t reserve, you would be a lot wiser to allocate yourself a secure spot by booking the amount of time you need on e-campus. If not, feel free to make yourself at home, but be aware that it’s not uncommon to be kicked out by another who followed the rules by booking a seat as a good student should.

However, while Solbjerg can be crowded and noisy from the clacking of heels on the wooden floor and the shuffling of pages as students stare at their books intently, it is also one of the most aesthetically beautiful buildings on campus. Walking through the main entrance often times feels like stepping through the doors of a major corporation. The environment can make the lazy soul inspired and bring out one’s competitive intuition. Furthermore, the library is cozy, filled with natural light as opposed to harsh florescents that hurt the eyes.

Last but not least, Solbjerg is the one and only place to go if you need to get research done or find references. The school’s main library, it hosts the majority of books on campus including past students’ thesis papers and the textbooks for various classes (note: these can be taken out for any length of time if you can’t get your books ahead of time or forget one at home). It also has the benefit of librarians who are on the ground floor ready to help you find what you need and answer questions.

Dalgas Have

In the beginning, I avoided Dalgas like the plague. Not only did it seem out of the way, but the building is so hard to figure out as is that I expected there library to be way sub par. I was pleasantly surprised.

Located on the second floor, the library is right up the stairs when you walk in the main entrance. The seats are wide and spread out and it is hardly ever over populated. It’s not the most cozy place. Everything is white from the walls to the desks to the floors, which can feel cold and barren, but one quickly forgets so once the studying begins.

Dalgas is smaller and the library has two bathrooms on each side as well as study rooms. If you are looking to do some group work, consider these. Almost like an IKEA catalogue, the walls are patterned with a black tree design that feel very modern and trendy, not exactly what you were expecting from a student library.


The other day I was trying to find a class in this building and was miserably lost for at least half an hour. Word to the wise: don’t go exploring. Porcelænshaven is bigger than you think and as you move up floors you will move across buildings and find yourself having to walk through a maze of classrooms since there seem to be no hallways to get from one side to another.

Avoiding that, however, Porcelænshaven is one the most important buildings on campus for students who need to get serious work done. There is also a library here, but the catch is that it’s open 24/7 and the kids here mean business. Never quite packed, but also never empty, Porcelænshaven can feel like a home away from home. The desks are red providing a fine aesthetic and when you feel like your eyes are going to fall out of your head from reading and that pure coffee is running through your veins, you can take a break to sit in one of the room’s la-z-boys to watch some CNN (with head phones on of course) on the flat screen TVs.

Beware though, people that come here to study come committed with food, drinks, and books to last them well into the night. It’s not the place for the half-hearted studier and there is no vending machine. Since the cafeteria closes around 5, it’s not as easy to take a break and go hang out. You won’t likely find anyone doing that anyways.

NOTE: if you are interested in using the 24/7 facilities, just visit the information desk at Solbjerg Plads. It takes about five minutes for them to update your CBS student card in order for you to be able to get into the building. They will give you a pin code, which is needed to be enter from the outside and into the actual room. Just remember to hold your card up next to the machine before you punch in the code, otherwise you’ll find yourself out in the cold typing in numbers with no actual chance of getting in.


Last, but not least Kilen is the king of study rooms. There is no library here, but the buildiing is just plain fun to go to. With its  kaleidoscope facade, the key concept behind Kilen is a dynamic ground floor, which appears as an extension of the campus landscape into the atrium. According to the CBS website, “The lower three levels, together with the atrium, form a public space consisting of a café, classrooms, study areas and meeting rooms for students as well as a conference area. The upper three levels are reserved for research and administration and consist of offices and meeting rooms.”

If you can’t get yourself into a study room, Kilen has several open rooms on the higher floors with conference tables that anyone is welcome to sit down at. These rooms are not quiet areas, but they can just as well serve your purpose.

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