Why Photoshop must be learned

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Adobe’s Photoshop has developed into one of the most important programs in the 21st century with it being visible (or invisible) every single day in magazines, posters etc. And oh yeah, there are not many computer programs that have ended up creating a verb: “that picture was totally photoshopped”. But today it is also an inevitable part of every business’ marketing operations, ranging from blogs and e-mails to logos and websites. We sat down with one of MarketingLab’s Photoshop experts, Mattias Berg, to hear more about the importance of being capable of photoshopping.

Why is Photoshop important for business students and businesses in general?
The most important part is that digital marketing is turning into a ‘content is king’ perspective, which makes it really important for employees to be able to create and design the content from the firms they work for. It is very beneficial for a business student to have this practical experience with Photoshop, because it is the creative marketing standard design tool, and you never know in what context you will be required to use Photoshop. It could be in any position at any company, which makes it really useful and it saves a lot of costs for your employer if you have it on your CV and you are experienced with the program. This is also what we strive to do in MarketingLab, because we want to give students the additional experience with practical tools and instruments and not only the theory.

What are the most typical tasks a CBS student could use Photoshop for?
Of course it is fun from an artistic perspective. But there are endless possibilities for what Photoshop could be used for. For example, if you are an entrepreneur starting up your own business you would need Photoshop for a website, logo, banners, e-mail campaigns etc. It is always good to have that experience yourself, rather than relying on someone else and waste a large amount of money and time on something you are not really in control of yourself. That is why it is so useful, because in every single context, Photoshop will often be a required skill at marketing firms as well.

Many people believe Photoshop is too expensive. Is it worth it?
What we have discovered is that the most costly thing is the time and effort required to learn it. I have spent countless hours just trying to look at tutorials online and trying to grasp the fundamentals by learning it by myself. Why is it worth it? When you are at an interview and you can display that you have had a Photoshop course and not only home experience, you clearly have a competitive advantage. That is an investment in your own career and future, which will pay off.

Source: MarketingLab

Source: MarketingLab

You have a Photoshop course coming up, can you tell us more about it?
It is a two-day course, from the 22nd to the 23rd of April, just after the Easter break. It will thoroughly go through the fundamentals with Adobe-licensed instructors from our partner company 4D Konsulenterne. We provide this course, because we want to help students save time, effort and money in learning the fundamentals of Photoshop. You will always work with your own computer, and do the steps that they are going through in front of the class, so it is more of a practical workshop than an actual theoretical course. I think that is probably the key point; we do not want to get stuck in only the theory-based education. We want to deliver a complement that can put the theory into practice, and in this case create the advertisements and the websites that we all want to visit on a daily basis.

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  • Bezier Tool
    April 11, 2014 - Reply

    If you really want to learn how to use Photoshop, please don’t do a course; you will have much more fun learning yourself. Also, you are much more likely to remember the techniques you learn if you teach yourself. And if you want something to demonstrate your ability with Photoshop on your CV, examples of your work is infinitely better than a certificate.

    There are thousands of *free* tutorials and guides to help you learn at your own pace, so do yourself a favour and don’t sign up for a course that costs 1,500kr.

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