Why You Should Join AIESEC

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Taking responsibility for YOUR development

Creating a plan for your professional as well as your personal development is now more essential than ever before. Assessing your weaknesses and working actively on eradicating them, or turning them into your strengths, can be the tipping point in your favor, when it comes to getting the job that YOU want.

There are more highly qualified competitors for jobs in practically all working sectors, so the competition is extremely tough and intense. This puts job seekers, or those who are already employed, under more pressure. The CEOs are constantly raising the bar and thus demanding more from their employees so that you are constantly being asked to improve yourself. Thinking creatively and being innovative are highly encouraged and highly valued by companies all over the world. Today, employees are urged to be more proactive, take more initiative and act as leaders before they officially become leaders. Even today’s leaders are continually persuaded to act as outside-the-box thinkers. But even if you are not striving to become a leader, consistent development on both levels is still critical to career advancements in the shape of pay raises, promotions, new opportunities, and it will perhaps also lead to an increase of your social circle. It is a necessary step that you have to take if you want to gain an advantage in today’s job market – or if you want to achieve that desired promotion.

So, how do you take responsibility for your own development? Assessing your weaknesses and strengths should be one of your first steps. Be honest about what you can improve and where you are already flourishing. Identify where you want to grow and what might help you achieve it. Focus on what is really important and classify your priorities. Set out goals and expectations for yourself and seek to fulfill them within a realistic timeframe. Use your network to get a variety of perspectives on an issue you are facing. Reflect on recent critical events if you want to keep growing, and make sure that you are headed in the desired direction. This could be failures, opportunities missed or exploited, conflicts, received feedback etc. Remember to evaluate what went well and what did not is also important – and try to do it on a regular basis.

What perhaps is the most important factor, when it comes to self-development is to step out of your comfort zone. Allow yourself to lose control and put yourself in a new situation that might not be as comfortable as the ones you are used to by seeking out opportunities, exploring possibilities and following your curiosity. This can be done in many different ways; such as by getting involved in internships or volunteer work with different institutions. AIESEC, for instance, offers these opportunities through their global and developmental network, which focuses on personal development, such as developing leadership abilities. Currently, AIESEC has over 10.000 internships in different sectors worldwide, so there are plenty of chances to explore, strengthen and develop your leadership abilities and get valuable and relevant experience. Such an experience will improve your CV and there is a great chance that you will further benefit from it in the future. In order to become a leader, it is necessary to undergo a process of self-development, and as a leader, you are using your skills as instruments to get things done in an organization. By being a part of AIESEC, you will the chance to learn or improve the art of mobilizing others towards your shared aspirations.

There are infinite opportunities to learn and to develop your personal and professional abilities. Seize them. Don’t miss out.

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